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    recover files from broken netbook

    here are some pictures to show you the connections. the 2nd picture is there just to give another angle to the third, so it doesn't matter much that it's blurry. so i mean, this hard drive is 3 inches wide, not 2.5 "Connects to any 2.5" SATA Hard Drive or Solid State Drive" but do these...
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    recover files from broken netbook

    the harddrive should be fine but the computer is definitely messed up in most likely more ways than one. the hookup to the monitor or whatever was severed, and after that i gave up on it and got a new comp. but there are still some nice files i want to access if i can. what are my options...
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    Security Issues With Holotable(Online Card Game Program)

    So, we play this game, Star Wars Customizable Card Game(SWCCG). I do not know much about the details of how things are run, but the ones running Holotable do not have much help with their volunteer work. They don't really have time to go looking for help at the moment, so I am volunteering to...
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    Silence after finished spell and deal dmg..

    oh, that is a cool idea...although i guess it's sortof been done already...silencer from dota's last word. i'im not sure the method they used here. but if you emulate it, make sure the silencing spell is soul burn(pretty sure it is) and make sure it does the damage you want it to do(normally...
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    moust button problems

    the mouse buttons just freaked out on me for the mouse that's in the computer! i was playing a warcraft 3 dota game and all of a sudden the left handed mouse settings stopped working! the mouse was all of a sudden right handed in the game! and it made me my hero die. i didn't know what was...
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    sound problem - warcraft 3

    i do not wish to reinstall so i don't know what i can do. i copy files from xp computer to windows 7 computer. but the sound card here is 'high definition audio device'. unlike the sound card on previous computer(s). so i have no sound. how do i make war3 use the hd sc without reinstalling?
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    moust button problems

    it is a mk320 logitech keyboard and mouse combination. on my one computer it is left-handed, and on my roommate's computer, it is right-handed. i can't figure out how to change this. i've tried and tried, but i can't seem to select the keyboard and mouse combination in the mouse settings. so...
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    moust button problems

    -i got a combination keyboard and mouse...but when i bring it to the computer with windows 7 which has a right-handed mouse to hook it up...i can't set the buttons differently for the combination keyboard and mouse. is this a mistake on the part of windows 7 or a limitation with the combination...
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    Sandking's Sand Storm effect

    it's possible it is able to be found at hiveworkshop...some of dota's stuff originates from there, bet is to extract the file directly :o i haven't checked jetfanginferno's sand models yet, but i think one of those could be it...let me know if it's one of those or not.
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    Limiting Heros

    well, that's fine if you want to increase the number of heroes...but it may mean you need an alternate way to select the heroes for the players. there are ways to no longer allow a player to buy heroes by counting how many they're getting by another way. one way is you can give the player a...
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    Sticky keys and other extremely problematic keyboard malfunctions

    IS THERE A WAY TO DISABLE STICKYKEYS AND OTHER TIME WASTING KEYBOARD MALFUNCTIONS INTRODUCED INTO WINDOWS SINCE WINDOWS XP? The malfunction lasts for a few minutes regardless of whether i click cancel, ok or whatever. I'm just trying to use the keyboard normally and then the keyboard starts...
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    In need of fear system

    what if you make the unit a peon and use a dummy unit to attack it, making it run away from the attacker?'d still want to do something about received orders. i bet you can just force the unit to only respond to the order if it's a point order like move and in some sort of direction...
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    just want to publicly thank you for showing me how to add functions to the function list, even...

    just want to publicly thank you for showing me how to add functions to the function list, even if you did do a poor job of explaining it, you were the only one to bother.
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    Chain Create System

    where is example code? all i see is the base. you might need to use the timedloop system rather than t32.
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    [Contest] Hero Contest

    i tried to make a hero for the contest...but i couldn't figure out a final ability.
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    DotA IMBA AI 3.76c EN Revised

    it's kindof a fun map except for the stuff that lags the game horribly or the super annoying stuff like the tide hunter passive that is as annoying as pudge's rot, except for the part where it's ALWAYS on.'s better than LOD/OMG/WTF. it's inventive, it strives to be original(as...
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    Custom Mirror Image don't level up with hero

    images are not heroes. so they don't have experience. so they don't level up. what you can do i suppose is replace the current images with new ones...but that would reset the duration. a work around for that is to trigger the images and trigger the duration. i actually just created a pretty...
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    Snippet Gametime

    actually day/night detection makes sense for a system that tells time, lol.
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    [Spell help] Teleport to the nearest enemy hero

    you should save heroes to variables of some sort when player picks them. you can then check the distance between points for the caster and each enemy hero. then you compare to find which is the lowest. that's my thought.
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    Error upon multiple units using the same spell

    so its kinda like dota's tether. i think the code should be rewritten using vjass/cjass. i've not tried to make this exact ability. but it might be fun to try. i think there may have been made a lightningutils library at that would be very handy. i think bump rule is wait 1-2 days...