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  1. inevit4ble

    Nvidia Control Panel Doesn't show SLI options

    Oh and I have 2x Screens connected. Is that I factor?
  2. inevit4ble

    Nvidia Control Panel Doesn't show SLI options

    Hi Guys, I posted over 5 different forums so here's some more info regarding this issue. When I said I can select the core to use, that is for the physX engine in the "Set PhysX Configuration" tab which I believe is meant to change to "Set SLI and PhsyX Configuration" I was ensured on...
  3. inevit4ble

    Nvidia Control Panel Doesn't show SLI options

    Hi Everyone, I have been struggling with getting my SLI to work. System: | i7-2770k 3.5gHz | ASUS P8Z68-V Pro | 2x4gb Kingston Hyper X | PoV Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 1gb | Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 1gb | Cougar 750watt PSU | Windows 7 Enterprise | The VGA cards are: Connected via SLI link...
  4. inevit4ble

    RPG Dungeon & Dragons - The Inevitable Fate

    lol. Im posting the UNFINNISHED project here as open source material. Hopefully it will prove useful to some and help others learn something new. EDIT: Change of plans, forum limit exceeded, can't send files via pm so email me for map. [email protected] EDIT EDIT: Here is link to file...
  5. inevit4ble

    RPG Dungeon & Dragons - The Inevitable Fate

    I'm no traitor :P no... Having been learning C Language in hopes of progressing to Objective C in order to program iApps. Its not that I don't see myself coming back, just at this point in time it is my main focus and uses all my time. Stay strong and fight the revolution :D
  6. inevit4ble

    RPG Dungeon & Dragons - The Inevitable Fate

    I am no longer coding in warcraft. I will not complete this project. If any1 would like to continue this please feel free to pm me and I will gladly give the map to you. Happy Mapping All!:D
  7. inevit4ble

    Animation Names Problem

    Not sure about what you're saying but when you test a map it automatically saves on a temp file
  8. inevit4ble

    Terrain Check

    As I understand it, Position of Unit (GetUnitX/Y) gives the center point of the unit. As with regions, an event like UnitEntersRegion it will only trigger if the unit's center point enters the region. Don't know if the will help but if the used the Position of Unit, you would have the center...
  9. inevit4ble

    How to change "Bladestorm" to a channeling skill?

    You can make it so it can be deactivated by setting it in the Game Constants but to stop movement you will have to trigger it. ie. Unit casts spell -> Set Trigger unit movement to 0. And when it finishes casting spell reset it the movement speed
  10. inevit4ble

    Multiboard Issues

    Ye. I've had similar issues but you can use "board" as it has really nice api, and allows you to add row etc
  11. inevit4ble

    Special Effect Variable

    Set SFX = Abilities\Spells\Human\Thunderclap\ThunderClapCaster.mdl?
  12. inevit4ble

    Transforming Knights into footmen on death

    Your link is broken but you could try something like this. This will send the footman to the closest region but 1 problem is if the region behind the unit is the closest region then it will send it to that one. You will need to: Create Trigger - Event Map Initialization -> Set RegionsArray[1] =...
  13. inevit4ble

    need help.. with bounce off boundary

    I can't get the maths perfect but if you have the boundaries find then what you can do (what I got from the snippet) is use something like this: Destructible - Pick every destructible within 75.00 of Missile_StartPoint and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set Missile_FlyAngle = (Angle...
  14. inevit4ble

    Special Effect Variable

    Yes, the SFX pathing is a string Custom script: set SFX="Abilities\\Spells\\Human\\Thunderclap\\ThunderClapCaster.mdl" SFX is string And notice how I've doubled all the slashes ( from "\" to "\\" ) And string must be in ""
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    Looking for someone (or someones) to spark with ;)

    He has thumbs of STEEL!!! because of that dam phone of his lol :D Hope to see magic :thup:
  16. inevit4ble

    Transforming Knights into footmen on death

    But remember to order the footman to carry on moving down the lane. It won't have the knights orders
  17. inevit4ble

    Banal question

    (Item Being Manipulated) not matching item
  18. inevit4ble

    Help with multiple cast skill.

    If you remove an ability and add it again via triggers the cooldown is reset. So you can try something like Unit finishes casting -> Remove Ability being cast - > Add ability being casts And ofcourse just add an integer counter to check if its the third cast or not Untitled Trigger 001...
  19. inevit4ble

    Holy shit that sound NICE!! I played the game on free trial when it first came out but ofc no...

    Holy shit that sound NICE!! I played the game on free trial when it first came out but ofc no editor with that...:(
  20. inevit4ble

    Reset Timer...

    you want to "Pause Timer" and then when you "Start Timer" it resets. Destroying a timer cancels it out