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    How to allow Unity3D to communicate with mySQL

    This is considered deprecated my many php developers. It does the job but it's a very old API. There are much more interesting functions with mysqli or pdo, for instance multi query / stored procedures.
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    How to allow Unity3D to communicate with mySQL

    Make sure you use mysqli or pdo, because the basic php mysql api is deprecated.
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    Java String Uppercase

    It's an issue because it depends on the keyboard mapping you're using. For instance, I'm using Canadian French which means shift + 2 gives ". It wouldn't on let's say Canadian English... Anyway, I would use a 2D char array like this: final char[][] MAP = new char...
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    General More Americans Continue to Accept Creationism Than Evolution

    The percentage of Americans who believe God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years is about the same as it was 30 years ago, a new survey indicates. Today, 46 percent of Americans accept this creationist explanation for human existence, a negligible change from the 44...
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    League of Legends Client?

    If I recall correctly, iLol is recognized by League of Legends. They don't build it but they accept it.
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    Report Study finds TV can decrease self-esteem in children, except white boys

    As racist as it can seem, there's probably less black, asian or arab people on television than white people. When none of the models you see look like you, to who can you compare? My interpretation.
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    Tips and Tricks in order to improve!

    Hey, I just felt like I could share some tricks and tips in order to improve to the game. I'm not a pro player, just a regular player that love the game. I learn everyday about the game and I have no doubt that I get better and better everyday. I follow the competitive scene and the community...
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    Guide - Jungle Nautilus

    Jungle Nautilus - SBSTP Hello! For all your fellow League of Legends amateurs this is my jungle Nautilus guide. Short Intro Right now, I would consider Nautilus as "over powered". This big guy has a ton of crowd control. Firstly, his passive makes it that when Nautilus attacks a target, he...
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    Wordpress, sub-domains and UNIX file permissions..

    Hum, you might want to ask there, it's like stackoverflow, but for servers.
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    Wordpress, sub-domains and UNIX file permissions..

    I'm not 100% sure but you should try putting Options +Indexes FollowSymLinks +ExecCGI AllowOverride AuthConfig FileInfo Order allow,deny Allow from all in the .htaccess file in the directory.
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    Wordpress, sub-domains and UNIX file permissions..

    I would think that this is not a UNIX error but an Apache error. It seems like the configuration for the folder it wrong, this could help you (the e) point)
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    C++ Tutorial: Strings and C-Strings

    I'm a bit lost with C-String. You say they must be initialized like an array, isn't there a way to initialize with quotes like char* a = "I like trains.";
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    C++ Tutorial: Conditions and Loops

    I would be really interested on a tutorial which explains how to handle unicode/utf8 in C/C++.
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    Mobile Application Architecture - Suggestions and Criticism

    Yes this is true. I forgot you are using a VPS.
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    Mobile Application Architecture - Suggestions and Criticism

    Personally, I think you should stick with PHP. As you said, its connection with MySQL is alluring and you can get the same performances, and probably better ones with PHP, if used properly (opcode caching, data caching with memcached or files). I also think that on a smaller scale, PHP will take...
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    C++ Tutorial: Variables and Functions

    Really great tutorial. I'm looking forward to the advanced tutorials.
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    is this twitter?

    is this twitter?
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    Sci/Tech Apple iPhone 5 'to be cased in Liquidmetal'

    Any piece of hardware could break, ram, flash memory, cables, processor, etc. All they have to do is use cheap pieces.