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  1. Razalgrim

    Campaign Dreamlord - Alter Way Chronicles

    The terrain, the use of custom models... damn. Even the combat seems exciting and more fast-paced than its prequels. Keep at it, man. I bow before your vision and dedication.
  2. Razalgrim

    Currently Untitled

    I'm sitting here, writing this in my office desk. It's cold. Screams outside. Wait. There. Shut the windows, shut out the screams. Not so cold now, not so cold... good. Stopped shaking. Good. I closed the door, put everything in front of it, chairs and coffee machine. I...
  3. Razalgrim

    US News South Carolina Permits Dogs to Attack Bears for Sport

    This "bear baiting" shit is stupid, disgusting, and horrendously shallow. I mean, do they even have TVs in South Carolina? Why are they so bored as to stoop to this? I will, however, have to disagree with you regarding your viewpoint of hunting for sport. Going after a bear in its own...
  4. Razalgrim

    World Peru battles rabid vampire bats after 500 people bitten

    Francis: "See, I told you vampires were real!" This is a first. I guess all those misplaced fears of vampire bats weren't so misplaced at all.
  5. Razalgrim

    Crime Neighbor Attacks Woman With Bucket of Urine, Feces and Vomit

    Holy shit. (And piss, and vomit.) This reminds me alot of Stephen King's short story A Very Tight Place.
  6. Razalgrim

    League of Legends anyone play?

    Not sure if this is supported here, but... Can anyone please tell me how to get through the stupid and unnecessary U.S. IP ban? I just wanna play this again.
  7. Razalgrim

    Monster Hunter Freedom:Unite 2

    I played MHFU up until recently when my file got corrupted and sheared thirty hours off of my total play-time. I was pretty addicted to it for a good long while; maybe I'll play it again when I feel like it. Maybe I'll go for bow instead of longsword next time. It's a good game, can't really...
  8. Razalgrim

    Looking for some stress-relief songs

    Depends on what you mean by "stress-relief." Do you want relaxing songs, loud and uplifting ones or what? Everything in the Foo Fighter's album "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace" is really relaxing for me... I dunno. Depends on your taste...
  9. Razalgrim

    Crime Teen Dressed as Joker sets fire to School

    Why are you all so uptight about this? I've seen you guys make jokes about the most morbid things. It's more fun that way. Also, while I in no way condone the kid's actions, I admire him for his guts. Breaking into your school looking like The Joker while carrying half a dozen jerry cans...
  10. Razalgrim

    World Priest Drowns Baby Boy in Baptism

    I know. But as I take it, he's making fun of something he thinks that Christians in general believe, which they do not. Or maybe he isn't. Let's not pursue the subject I'm still pissed about how the priest killed the baby for the sake of "ritual." Where the hell does it say in the Bible that...
  11. Razalgrim

    World Priest Drowns Baby Boy in Baptism

    Nope. Hold the priest responsible. He's a fucking idiot. Damnit. I've read terrible things in the news page, but this just ruined my day.
  12. Razalgrim

    General Mafia Wars Game Movie Adaptation

    I watched [REC], quite possibly one of the best movies I have ever seen, and then Quarantine after that, which is a beshitted Hollywood(read beshitted) version of [REC], a day before reading this suicide-inducing article... Hollywood must be run by the devil. I mean, even more than it was...
  13. Razalgrim

    So, am I screwed or what?

    Nothing much on the lines of triggering besides fiddling with some cameras. Made a couple new custom doodads and a dummy unit. That's all. I actually have an idea of what screwed my map over. My map used this model pack: and...
  14. Razalgrim

    So, am I screwed or what?

    Nope. A lot of stuff. So much it's ridiculous. But they've all been in place since I started making the map, so I don't think imports are the problem. Not really. Maybe 20 variables with no more than 20 arrays for the biggest one. Again, not really. I began going over it two days ago...
  15. Razalgrim

    So, am I screwed or what?

    Nope. On wrong patches, they show up on the map list. You just can't play them. Besides, I'm not so much of a moron as to not have checked that before making a thread. ;)
  16. Razalgrim

    So, am I screwed or what?

    So, a couple of days ago I decided to fiddle with one of my old maps and made quite a bit of progress with it. But! I tried opening the map this morning. Guess what? Yep, shit won't open... on WE or Newgen. When I try playing it, it doesn't show up on the map list. It says...
  17. Razalgrim

    Crime Going Postal: Mail Sorter Charged With Stabbing Boss At JFK

    Trying to stab your boss is a bit overkill, regardless of how terrible she is as a human being. (see what I did thar?) I'd give her a hard, back-handed bitch-slap when she least expects it, follow up some with some harsh words about her attitude, quit and then storm out the building.
  18. Razalgrim

    US News Jesus Statue Struck By Lightning, Destroyed

    Christian bro here. I take it as a sign that shit's about to heat up down here in the mortal realm. Lock and load.
  19. Razalgrim

    Wc3 resource system easily copied

    A pointless endeavor. Nothing will change, except that maybe there will be one less clueless sap calling WoW an RTS. But, seeing as there is apparently only one of those saps in this community, why didn't you preach to him by use of the PM function? I just hate seeing stupid arguments drag...
  20. Razalgrim

    JASS NewGen Pack 1.5d

    Doesn't this have a sort of feature to help with tooltip creation? I remember using it in my old map, but I can't find a way to activate it anymore. Can anyone help?