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  1. feelingparty

    Help with items

    takes much less time :)
  2. feelingparty

    Help with items

    You can use the item's level as a restriction. This way you don't have to do a condition for each item. In addition you can add a massage like "Must be X level to carry this item." Here are the triggers: Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions...
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    Help [player group]

    Try this: Melee Initialization Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units in (Playable map area)) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Player Group - Add (Owner of (Picked unit)) to PGroup...
  4. feelingparty

    Orb of Darkness Hero Ability

    Try this: •create an ability based on evasion with 0% evasion chance •create a variable called "TempPoint" of type Point •paste this trigger Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions (Level of Evasion for (Killing unit)) Not equal to 0 Actions...
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    All triggers stopped working?

    I would like to avoid that. I doubt anyone will do anything with it but still takes away some of the fun being the 'creator' :D On-topic: It seems I will be going back to a backup. Nothing is visually wrong - even if i disable all triggers and keep only the ''kill'' trigger - it still doesn't...
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    Orb of Darkness Hero Ability

    I would suggest triggering the ability. From my experience item abilities don't always work with units.
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    All triggers stopped working?

    Alright this might be the dumbest thread ever. I need hints though. As I was working on my map I stopped testing for some time. Eventually I tested and noticed none of my triggers work. Even if the events occur nothing happens. For example: kill Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a...
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    How do i limit max heroes?!

    Yes, infact the simplest thing you could do is do it with food. At the beginning set each player's food cap to 2 and in the object editor find "food cost" and set it to 1. This would only work though if none of your normal units use food. Also make sure no units produce food otherwise the limit...
  9. feelingparty

    Changing Player Name

    use this: Custom script: call SetPlayerName( Player(0), "Russia" ) Note: In Custom Script/Jass Player 1 = Player(0); Player 2 = Player(1) and so on But just out of curiosity - Why are you making you map on RoC?
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    randomn movement help

    A bit more detailed explanation would be great
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    Is it possible to add a research for a unit?

    I know that but i don't want 100, 200, 300 ... instead - 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 ... and so on (x2) Anyway I solved it - Kinda dumb but... I added 8 researches with 1 level instead of 1 with 8 levels
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    How to make leaderbord with kill counts and LVL count and else!? need help!

    I'm done. I'll attach the testmap. This is what you have to do: •Open your map •Go to File>Preferences •On the Dialog Box check "Automatically create unknown variables when pasting trigger data" •Open my map. Go to trigger editor and copy all the triggers from "Copy these triggers" •Open your...
  13. feelingparty

    Can't change team

    Thanx Igor Z. The problem was actually in the fact that I was testing my map instead of running it via wc3 and that means no players but Player 1 (Red) which somehow bugged the triggers. Anyway thanx for the reply.
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    Locust Ability On RoC

    how can you select a unit if you don't click it? sry I don't quite get what you mean
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    How to make leaderbord with kill counts and LVL count and else!? need help!

    well nobody is responding to my thread so I'll quit WE-ing a little and make your Multiboard. I'll probably post it in like 10-15mins EDIT: some work showed up so I won't be doing it right now. I'll recheck the thread later and if you still need help - I'll help =)
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    How to make leaderbord with kill counts and LVL count and else!? need help!

    I think what you mean is a Multiboard because Leaderboards only have 2 colums - player name and some value. Here is the trigger that creates the Multiboard: Untitled Trigger 002 Events Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds Conditions Actions Multiboard - Create a...
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    Can't change team

    ***SOLVED*** I'm trying to make so that when a special unit is killed the killing unit claims the dying player for his team. I can't make it work though. I'm posting the triggers. If anybody knows what's wrong I'd appreciate his help. Triggers: FortresDies Events Unit - A unit Dies...
  18. feelingparty

    A simple trigger crashes warcraft

    I figured this one from what Weep said but something was wrong with my internet and i couldn't post. Anyway thanx and sorry for the obvious question.