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  1. joohen

    WIP World of Warcraft Arena

    looks like i can't play it with my current war3 version. :eek:
  2. joohen

    Crime Teen Dressed as Joker sets fire to School

    Achievement Won : WTFOMGBBQ
  3. joohen

    Samurai Legends 0.7 (AOS)

    don't revive ultra-old 4 year old threads please. :D
  4. joohen

    TD Dalaran Crossing

    hmmm maybe i am very n00b, i can't seem to pass level 1 :D:D but overall is nice, but when i play solo, i have a maze runner which i can control. why?:P
  5. joohen

    TD Dalaran Crossing

    whats the maze runner for?
  6. joohen

    You can try my map

    URGH. so thats how you play huh? spamming tomes? i dun even know the objectives and some of the item's effect. oh yeah, please create more interesting abilities not just default skills.
  7. joohen

    You can try my map

    Erm, how the hell can we defend our ally with a hero which have damage of 18-40 and the creep that have 10k over dmg? you gotta change your terrain, it is plain and erm....boring. You can improve on your cinematics, the effects are kinda nice although i don't know what are they talking about. :P:P
  8. joohen

    RPG Heaven

    Erm.....i am using war3 1.24e and i can't play this map.....why?
  9. joohen


    i think i found a bug? the item beside iron sword is also named iron sword. :P
  10. joohen

    You can try my map

    please any description of your map? screenshot etc etc?
  11. joohen

    Heroes of Caldavar (Map Project)

    Any screenshot? :p
  12. joohen

    AoS Legacy of Heroes [Beta] - May version released

    The Energy Discharge also look....too DotA like lol. :P
  13. joohen

    AoS Legacy of Heroes [Beta] - May version released that a DotA's skill? o-o
  14. joohen

    AoS Legacy of Heroes [Beta] - May version released

    Some bug found.....i can't see the tooltip while playing Scar after don't know using whut skill....
  15. joohen

    Zerg vs Protoss help me counter my friend's build.

    Starcraft bw He just rush proton cannons with lots of pylon...And in late game, he will spawn 4 big Carriors....How do i counter it? My only plan is to take him down in early game but....:/ i am a noob and he is a noob too.:banghead::banghead:
  16. joohen

    AoS Legacy of Heroes [Beta] - May version released

    Sometime when i chose a hero, the repick icon dosen't show up. (the tarvern thingy)
  17. joohen

    Starcraft Image Editing Contest

    Can it be hand drawn?
  18. joohen

    Other ViG's Golem Wars

    Stop bumping old thread for god sake.
  19. joohen

    WIP Warcraft V: The Kings Quest

    I thought the screenshot was from WoW. :P
  20. joohen

    creating illusion with trigger

    Urm, what is the trigger order for the dummy to cast the Wand of Illusion on you?