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    Problems Installing Second Hardrive (and fraps)

    Ok , I am trying to FRAPS movies , and from what I've read having the game (WoW) and Fraps on the same hardrive can cause lag. I have a gaming computer , but still lag during recording at 25 FPS , full screen. So I tried installing a 2nd hardrive. I took it out from an older computer which...
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    What sickness do I have?

    Recently about 3 days ago. Had to go to the washroom cosnatnly , 1-5 times an hour. It was all water. 1st day was minor , 2nd day was minor 3,rd day I started throwing up , fatigue , loss of appetite ect. = / Consuming anything including water forces me go to the washroom.
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    Why does warcraft load maps like this?

    Its if you got a Intel Procceser. If it has Enhanced IntelSpeedStep enabled its worth disabling. It supposely runs cores at max during game and lower when idling. But it doesnt change for me. and a lot of people too.
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    Why does warcraft load maps like this?

    Make sure your running Performance power options too. I had like 10 seconds load time , then I turned off EIST and it went down 5 seconds. Which is a big difference. Turns out the dual cores were running 1.9GHZ instead of 3.33
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    GPU supports itself?

    Got my radoen 4870 fairly large and heavy. yet when I plug it in the only thing that holds it up is the tiny little PCIX16? Its so thin I mean it looks like its gonna snap right off o.O
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    Gigabyte mainboard beeb ? Unable to find Gigabyte Beep Codes but it gives you a general idea.
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    Set mana Ammunition

    Well. Its gonna be quite complicated. E : Unit is attacked C : Unit is in Ammo Group A: If/Then/Else If: Mana of attacking unit = 0 Then: Order attacking unit to stop Else : Set mana of (attacking unit) to (mana of (attacking unit)) - 1) Then just add /remove unit from AmmoGroup according
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    First time builder!

    cheap tempoary motherboard. Has what I need , DDr2 ram socket 775 , PCI express , supports intel core 2 duo. cant be going over the budget now. The other motherboard only accepted AMD procceors , the other one was for Nvidia SLI so , that wasn't good for the future. Gonna get a good 775 socket...
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    Merging multiple Flash MX files, and the total of frames exceeded 16000

    Export them as movies and use a movie program software , imovie , final cut , sony vegas , ect ,ect. To merge them together.
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    First time builder!

    My new computer ordered =) thank you guys +rep
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    First time builder!

    Ok I lied. Compatible with ?? Two different brands.
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    First time builder!

    1 in the future 2. ok then =P The case comes with 800 so I thought it was one of the cheap freebies they throw in.
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    First time builder!

    Last question! Is 800W power supply enough to run the 4870 radoen , butterfly and cpu?
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    First time builder!

    okay that leaves just the heating problem now. NVM
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    First time builder! better? Is that compatible with I don't plan on using SLI or crossfire. Or should I get...
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    First time builder!

    uh uh uh That goes in one eear and goes out the other. Any links =P
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    First time builder!

    Budget 1500$ Gamer Orientated. The one I put together is with 800 watt powersupply 3.33 GHZ duo CPU , and a NVIDIA 260 GTX (896MB) 1476$ Never put together a computer before. If you can get me a better deal tell me =P. I have like a good case fan and 4GB + OS and everything. Also in...
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    First time builder!

    Ok So I'm looking at this Motherboard. Im canadian so i can't use newegg I believe =P. Does it have a onboard audiocard or whatever? Says It has AC97 codec on it. But that isn't 100% clear to me. I...
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    Not letting me hibernate

    unplug printer?
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    US News FDA issues rules for genetically modified animals

    well no , reason beef tastes like beef is what its made out of. And what its made of it , is what nutrition it gives :P