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  1. Pharaoh_

    Hey :) Yeah, yes I am. I was here before becoming an active member of Hiveworkshop. Then I quit...

    Hey :) Yeah, yes I am. I was here before becoming an active member of Hiveworkshop. Then I quit this place and moved on to Hive.
  2. Pharaoh_

    A unit Sells an item

    Instead of asking, check it :o
  3. Pharaoh_

    Need help

    This should work with the old system; @Hot, if you are supposed to submit this spell somewhere, know that it might not be accepted. That is why Blizzard made this update of Hashtables in GUI, so that we avoid this inefficient triggering of indexes.
  4. Pharaoh_

    Unit Order?

    It should be Unit is Ordered, which would be less accurate; I don't know what you want it for, but you should use the damage event rather than the Order one. When a unit is ordered, it doesn't mean that the damage will be actually calculated; the order can be made 5000 range away, but the damage...
  5. Pharaoh_

    A unit Sells an item

    It is "Buying unit" , not "Hero Manipulating Item", actually.
  6. Pharaoh_


    Go to the Sound Editor, select the sound you want, right click on it and "Use this sound". Afterwards, getting to the Trigger Editor, by scrolling down to "Sound - Play Sound", upon selecting "Sound", you will see the variable sound you have chosen. Press it and all set.
  7. Pharaoh_

    trigger problem?

    Add the second if/then/else right after the Set tempinteger = ((tempinteger) + 1) action and the tempinteger = ((tempinteger) + 1) action in the "Else" part of the second if then else: If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Item-class of (Item...
  8. Pharaoh_

    Can I make world drop

    You mean that this won't work?: Tr1 Events A unit dies Conditions ((Unit-type) of (Dying Unit)) Equal to X Actions Set Point1 = (Position of (Dying unit)) Item - Create 1 X Item at Point1 Custom script: call RemoveLocation (udg_Point1) For the chance: Tr Events A unit...
  9. Pharaoh_

    Backstab problem again

    I know, i accidentaly posted the trigger before i had the time to edit it. :/
  10. Pharaoh_

    Backstab problem again

    Set the Back_Target in Actions before the "If/Then/Else"s. Get the chance as "Level of ability*5", so it becomes all in one: Blade Embrace Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Blade Embrace (Shadowmancer)...
  11. Pharaoh_

    Timer end action begins.

    Trigger1 Events Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds Conditions Actions Set Timer1 = (Last Created Timer) Countdown Timer - Start Timer1 as a One-shot timer that will expire in 600.00 seconds Trigger2 Events Time - Timer1 expires Conditions Actions Set Point1 = (Your...
  12. Pharaoh_

    need opinions on dodge/critical

    You should be aware of two factors: 1) It is easier to trigger and it is quite more understandable to players, which is relevant to the Warcaft 3 machine [critical and dodge work with percents in default warcraft as well]. You could do it with simple GUI knowledge. 2) It requires a "Critical...
  13. Pharaoh_

    Game Crash: FATAL ERROR What happen to my spell!

    1) It leaks a lot; you create too many units, when the points leak. 2) Go to your Dummy unit, change to Stats - Food Cost = 0. 3) The trigger(s): Trigger1 Events A unit begins channeling an ability Conditions Ability being cast Equal to Big Bang Explosion Actions Set Caster =...
  14. Pharaoh_

    chance to slow ability

    Forget it, i forgot it: Go to Object Editor and get the ability "Orb of Slow". Meh, what a noob i am.
  15. Pharaoh_

    chance to slow ability

    There is an attack detection system, i told you use the search function :P Here it is:
  16. Pharaoh_

    Vampiric Embrace Spell

    Check the edited version.
  17. Pharaoh_

    How to raise cliff levels with GUI or JASS?

    Environment - Create a 0.50 second Permanent crater deformation at (Your Point) with radius 512.00 and depth -80.00. Just have a negative value for depth.
  18. Pharaoh_

    chance to slow ability

    You need Trigger Editor :) Not a difficult trigger, but: 1) If you want the chance to slow on attack, you will need an attack damage detection system, you can search for it in these forums. 2) If you want to slow on spell cast, here: Trigger1 Events A unit starts the effect of an...
  19. Pharaoh_

    Vampiric Embrace Spell

    You say "all damage done", not all damage out of attacks. So, let's see it: Trigger1 Events A unit starts the effect of an ability Conditions Ability being cast Equal to Vampiric Embrace Actions Set Unit_G = (Units in (Playable Map Area) matching (((Matching unit) belongs to Player...
  20. Pharaoh_

    Random hero button question..

    Yes, because the (Owner of (Triggering unit)) refers to the Triggering unit = the unit that casted the ability=the tavern. You can do instead a unit dummy with no model with the label "Random Hero" and make the player buy this dummy unit instead, forcefully removing it from the game afterwards...