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  1. Varine

    World Egypt: The Suez Canal will be widened by 131 feet to avoid a repeat of the Ever Given chaos, authorities say

    I feel like they'll just make ships going through 130 wider now.
  2. Varine

    Environment Darwin’s Arch, a Famed Rock Formation in the Galápagos, Collapses

    I haven't found a video of the actual collapse yet, but I'm guessing someone out there has one.
  3. Varine

    US News 1,000 feral cats released onto Chicago streets to tackle rat explosion

    Five years from now they'll release some dogs to tackle the cat explosion, and then cats and dogs!
  4. Varine

    US News Magic Mushrooms Are Decriminalized in Washington DC as of Today

    I believe it already survived Congressional review, and I think the city has some level of autonomy from the rest of the district, but I'm not really sure how this actually works.
  5. Varine

    US News Costco lifts minimum wage above Amazon or Target to $16 per hour

    I believe the Dems were trying to tie it in with the COVID relief package in the house, and they seem deadset on raising it this year, but this is like the worst possible time to pass a bill that will inevetiably lead to an increase in unemployment considering how awful states seem to have been...
  6. Varine

    US News Costco lifts minimum wage above Amazon or Target to $16 per hour

    Does anyone know how the minimum wage increase will affect tipped workers? While I wholeheartedly support it, effectively doubling the wages overnight is going to cause some problems with businesses that don't pay their employees. Not that I care about most of them really, but like my job only...
  7. Varine

    Technology Microsoft Files Patent for Technology That Could Resurrect Dead Loved Ones as Chat Bots

    Why are people allowed to get these super general patents for things they haven't made?
  8. Varine

    Sci/Tech Chemotherapy with light; only one injection required: Promises complete elimination of cancer cells without side effects

    I wonder if this would work on Leukemia where the cancer cells aren't concentrated together.
  9. Varine

    Health Biomarkers in fathers’ sperm linked to offspring autism

    Hmmm... idk how I feel about this.
  10. Varine

    General Elon Musk is now the richest person in the world, passing Jeff Bezos

    " Musk started 2020 worth about $27 billion, and was barely in the top 50 richest people. " Pff, new money.
  11. Varine

    Report Cannabis shows promise blocking coronavirus infection

    73% sounds a bit exaggerated, that seems way too effective.
  12. Varine

    Crime Son wins lawsuit after mom throws away his best porno mags

    That doesn't sound like a very happy family.
  13. Varine

    Gaming Games giant Electronic Arts gatecrashes £725m Codemasters takeover [Update: EA reached agreement to acquire Codemasters]

    I thought Codemasters tanked a while ago, I haven't heard that name in like ten years.