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    Looking for new laptop - Input

    Yeah, this guy wouldn't really be used to game at all. Mobility is good but I don't need the epitome of it. I guess the main, general critera is something that has good battery life that will last me through college.
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    Looking for new laptop - Input

    Alrighty I've been tasked with finding a laptop for myself for college. My parents (this would be a graduation present from them) are paying around $1000, with me covering any extra. I would like to stay under $1400. $1500 at the most. Currently, there is a Dell I found that has pretty much...
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    4 die as U.S. news choppers covering police pursuit crash

    Man. I saw the video of the seconds before the crash. That's scary. All it looked like was that they lost track of each other. Because in Phoenix, the pilots are also reporters so they were all distracted. I live in Phoenix and I don't remember anything for a while that has made this much of a...
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    Having Problem In Battlenet

    Can't Host / Can't Connect to and Other Common Fixes
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    my computer doesn't think that WC3 is installed Try going to that link. You can get a new one from Blizzard for $10, I believe it says. Why don't you just open the map through WE instead of through Windows Explorer?
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    A Lost Soul

    Good enough flow so where it felt like it did
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    Slow Down

    Very possibly it cleaned up all your prefetch files and other temp files that made your computer more responsive. Give it a bit and it'll start speeding up. I personally don't see any reason to do a system restore.
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    Harry Potter Campout Begins

    And she ruined it how? 6th book was second best next to Prisoner of Askaban in my opinion. Amazon pre-order FTW!
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    Warcraft 3 host issue?. .

    Can't Host / Can't Connect to and Other Common Fixes Look there.
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    Blizzard Reseter

    Reinstall. I've never personally heard of the "Blizzard Reseter"
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    Massive Lag

    .2 when playing a memory-leak, creep filled game of WMW.
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    Invalid CD

    Try looking at this site. Forums- CD-Key Issues
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    PC restarting

    Power surge? Sometimes that happens to my computer.
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    black screen during boot

    The black screen with the flashing "_" should be compleatly normal. I get it on both my computers and they have no trouble booting.
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    Sprint Tells Customers to Get Lost

    Wow. What crap. Yay for Verizon. :P
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    Sony Slashes Price of PS3

    >20GB for $100 You realize that it was cut by $100 dollars...
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    "cannot connect to" among other problems

    Have you tried looking at this thread or going to the Blizzard Support Forums?
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    Steam contains virus?

    Does this happen on all servers?
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    My rep O.o

    sqrage- 1 MercChris- 0
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    My rep O.o

    And you care why?