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    Easier Way to access Hero Icon Paths?

    If you instead save the strings into a hashtable, using the unit-type as the key, then you can just load the string from the key of the unit-type of (Triggering unit) or whatever, instead of having a lot of if/then/else functions.
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    Preventing unit from attacking

    This sounds like a solution. :thup: False; Unit Is Attacked happens at the very start of an attack, right before the animation plays and some time before the attack actually fires.
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    Can locust units bash?

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    How can I get a unit with no dmg to attack?

    Set its base damage to 1, its dice sides to 1, and number of dice to -1 (by shift-clicking). Alternately, a unit can still show some damage in its stats but actually deal 0 damage by giving it a modified Critical Strike or Elune's Grace ability with the damage modifiers set to 0%.
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    Spell won't fire (Dummy Unit using Holy Light)

    Set TEMP_Point = (Position of (Targeted unit)) Should be Set TEMP_Point = (Position of (Target unit of ability being cast))
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    Model Help

    This is normal; there is nothing to fix. It should still work correctly in WC3.
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    Spell Instant Chain Lightning

    Fixed a subtle but important error. :o
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    How do you put a save and load in the game?

    Check the resources section, there are a few save/load systems already. Here is a relatively simple one Here is a complex and powerful one.
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    Need help on channeling Spell

    The event Unit stops casting is fired when channeling stops, whether interrupted or the duration is successfully completed. The event Unit finishes casting fires only when the duration completes. Alternately, you could periodically check whether the unit's current order is still the order of...
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    Increasing max health by percentage?

    You would just alter the maximum health using traditional flat-amount methods, but calculate the amount as a percent of the unit's current maximum HP (eg. 0.2*Max. HP is 20%).
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    Sight range decrease using item sight range bonus

    I have not tried it myself, but based on how Ayanami programmed his Dark Lady spell pack (and I trust his methods), it appears that ability cannot be leveled and you must make a separate ability for each different value.
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    Ability for adding hero glow

    Not true. I use Slow Aura (Tornado) to attach hero glows, and all that's necessary to remove the buff is to set the Stats - Targets Allowed to None.
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    Icon green Box

    Re-read the tutorial; those are not the correct paths. In fact, the tutorial even has a section about how to fix things if you get a green icon... The paths need to be: ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNFrostImpale2.blp ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\DISBTNFrostImpale2.blp
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    Detect What is being Upgraded Into

    With the event Unit - A unit Begins an upgrade, for me, Unit-type of (Triggering unit) is the kind that it is upgrading into.
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    Portrait Angles and the Model Editor

    Look through the comments on it, there's a fixed version in one of the posts.
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    Raise Dead Orb Effect

    Orb of Slow with Orb of Darkness works, I just tried it. Be sure you lower the buff duration from Orb of Darkness (eg. to 0.01) so that it only has a chance to raise a skeleton if that hit is a deathblow (otherwise the buff will persist longer and another damage source could cause it to raise a...
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    [Model?] UI Modification Request

    Considering that not even the Warcraft 3 First Person Shooter had a custom UI, I'm pretty sure you're in uncharted territory here. You, or someone else, will need to figure it out. Maybe then, if it's even possible, you can write the first tutorial on it. :cool:
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    Map visibilty

    No. However, if you do: Actions Unit - Grant shared vision of TempUnit to Player 1 (Red) Unit - Order TempUnit2 to Human Mountain King - Storm Bolt TempUnit Unit - Deny shared vision of TempUnit to Player 1 (Red) will allow you to cast at the unit without actually...
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    [Model?] UI Modification Request

    Sure, here you go. :D This would be a difficult task, if it's even possible. It would probably require a reworking of the UI models, UI textures, and modification of the (undocumented) FrameDef files in UI\FrameDef\UI\.
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    Portrait Angles and the Model Editor

    False. Check their model paths in the editor. Make a copy of the model (or, if the model has a separate portrait model, copy that), and edit the portrait camera to face a different direction. Then, import it. (Sorry, I can't help you do the edit; I've never done it myself.) Dunno, I've...