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    Condition "|="

    Hello, was wondering if anyone knew what this condition means? "|=" edit: also what about " &="
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    haha... just browsing around.. yea.. am a bit excited about it..

    haha... just browsing around.. yea.. am a bit excited about it..
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    Chain Lightning Autocast?

    Orb of Slow Chain Lightning set the orb of slow % chance to trigger to 100% CD - 0 seconds add chain lightning as the spell being casted.
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    Damage if you need help setting your base damage. use this program.
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    [Help] AoE spell trigger.

    Firstly, make the ability based off "Berserk" or "Unholy Fever"(I forgot what it was called) Set everything to 0 so that you gain no bonus damage or attack speed from the ability. Set the duration to 15 as you wanted. Now go make a new buff based off whichever ability you chose. Just change the...
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    [Spellpack] Priestess of the Moon

    Get a trigger. Make it run like 0.5 seconds of gametime. Create a dummy unit Add the spell you want to preload to it. Remove the dummy unit Destroy the trigger That is basically it. You can actually use the "Map Initialization" event as the event instead of 0.5 seconds of gametime. However...
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    How to cast paladin's Divine Shield on other allied units?

    Event A unit starts the effect of an ability Condition Ability being cast equal to Something Actions Set Target = Target Unit of ability being cast Make Target Invulnerable <<Add the divine shield special effect to the origin of the target>>(Sorry forgot the command) Set Effect =...
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    [Spellpack] Priestess of the Moon

    preload the ability to prevent it from lagging the first time you cast it.
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    Ability Brainstorm

    Havent seen one ability thats stampede based.. would look nice if you change the models and missile speeds. Its even easy to make :D A Stampeding tower is cool. Next could be a % chance to make the damage dealt by some tower become composite type damage.. could be a buff, could be an aura or...
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    Meat hook help

    set it to Set Temp_Group = (Units within 115.00 of (Position of MH_Link[MH_Links]) matching (((Matching unit) is alive) Equal to True) and (((Matching Unit) is a structure) equal to false) btw, that code looks like emjlr3's meat hook o.o
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    Gold and Lumber HUD changes

    Advanced>Gameplay Interface alot of things you can change.
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    Spellpack Sho Minamimoto, The Math addict

    I have to say.. This is one of the most creative heroes I have ever seen.. Great work
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    A spell without stun?

    Try Acid Bomb
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    Problem with Intervals

    Use a trigger that loops or uses a timer instead of using For each Integer A from x to x. Make a new trigger Looping Trigger Events Every 0.01 game-time seconds Conditions Actions //Add actions here Set N = (N+1) If N is greater than 50 Then Turn off...
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    Spellpack Lightning Blast, Earth Shock, Energize, Enchant Lightning

    Okay.. I've added constant functions to all the triggers and I removed the BJs in the Enchant Lightning trigger(forgot to do it).. :D
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    ah okay thanks guys. :P
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    Okay.. So I need to know which code to use instead of GetAttackedUnitBJ() Since I don't want to use the BJs. I looked through an there wasn't any GetAttackedUnit :eek:
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    Spellpack Lightning Blast, Earth Shock, Energize, Enchant Lightning

    Okay, I've added the codes to the 1st post :D
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    Realistic Evasion by Moving Away

    Or...You could set it to ranged but don't make the missiles Homing enabled.
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    Spellpack Random Spells

    I think Tinki3 made that magnetic field before..I can remember Other than that, Nice spells. :D