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  1. dracolich

    Help with item fusion trigger efficiency.

    as i said, you cant even talk with him xD if u have some time u can send me russian strings and ill somehow will send back translated version. it will take some time tho
  2. dracolich

    Help with item fusion trigger efficiency.

    meh. im just a jasser, and real developer have no clue about english -_- those system works on every item pickup and for sure it wont be efficient in case of many instances happen. you can reduce it by using checking manipulated item type id and, if its not a part of any combo, just dont run...
  3. dracolich

    Help with item fusion trigger efficiency.

    bj funcs is bad only when u start to use them everywhere. some of them pretty clean and useful, no need to claim them. but current func do u use is fine, it shouldnt be a problem at all and funny thing - ur code is exactly the same i used for diablo defense map :D and its never made lags
  4. dracolich

    Does SetDayNightModels() cause desync?

    be careful - its still funciton call, and no warranty about it
  5. dracolich

    Does I2S leak? Do non-local strings need to be cleaned up?

    only handles could make leaks. strings, obviously, are not handles
  6. dracolich

    How to make custom immolation stop at 0 mana?

    it will never become 0.00 use periodic timers and turn it off when mp is too low
  7. dracolich

    Does Pow() create excessive proseccor drain?

    not so bad. default operators - + / * works fine, but Pow - its recursive function (loop). and since function call takes much more time, and also looping is pretty slow, using inline constructions would make it better. just like: if lvl==2 then set dmg=str*str elseif lvl==3 then set...
  8. dracolich

    Arena Invoker Wars (DotA)

    Is there any other ideas about final board info?
  9. dracolich

    I want a doodad looking like a burrowed unit

    find this model separately maybe?
  10. dracolich

    Would this be MUI? not sure how locals work...

    add engineering upgrade with modifier of skill to morphed unit and remove it afterwards. it will keep level and cd without any code. guess ur version is legit, but sleep is very bad
  11. dracolich

    Reduce power use by deleting default units

    use optimizer instead. vexorian's wc3mapOptimizer or Widgetizer is the best
  12. dracolich

    Recover map.j accidentally deleted in MPQEditor

    always use backup. use real tools - winmpq, not mpq master or any other.
  13. dracolich

    Map won't host publicly but will privately

    you have to have "white" ip. google for definition if you dont know what is it
  14. dracolich

    Does this line leak?

    its fine
  15. dracolich

    Arena Invoker Wars (DotA)

    nah feels like it was an ages ago... finally ive got over my life and finished this project. Still open for ideas and suggestions as well. Maybe old_invoker from 5x dota versions with 27 spells also will be included as a mode. Await for a players. would be pretty hard to balance. you can...
  16. dracolich

    Ignore Evasion spell

    except check UNIT_ATTACKED and remove evasion ability for a sec, but then everyone else also will shoot the target
  17. dracolich

    Ignore Evasion spell

    no, there isnt
  18. dracolich

    Ignore Evasion spell

    critical strike with 100% change, Never Miss enbaled, damage multiplier = 0. it will fuck up pretty much special attacks for ranged units, by the way.
  19. dracolich

    For unit attack and disable it.

    i'd bind my units to control group 1 and 1->s->1->s spamming. its not a solution.
  20. dracolich

    Why is my Locust unit selectable?

    well, he isnt interested in fixing such non-vital stuff, so probably you are right