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    Sci/Tech Girls Make Higher Grades than Boys in All School Subjects, Analysis Finds

    That's why I loved my primary/high school years so much. I wrecked every girl's marks and I was the laziest fucker in school. Guys just want to chill and play sports and shit, not sit still in a class for 6 hours, learning from a flawed system. University on the other hand :/ ...
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    Report Almost 1 out of 4 26 Year Olds still live with Parents

    Not hard to believe that so many people stay with their parents, I do, although I'm busy studying so it's plain cheaper to drive through to my university everyday instead of renting a tiny, overpriced cardboard-box of a flat that's still a 20 minute walk away
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    Crime Paraplegic Steals Car From Dealership

    Is there a blockbuster movie somewhere to be found here? "Protaginist Battice, a pro racing car driver, finds himself wthout the use of his legs after an accident, he now turns to a life of crime stealing high-end cars"
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    Health Colombian man’s penis amputated after Viagra overdose

    "A weeklong erection" Damn, that man had game, albeit pill-enhanced game, but still, game none the less
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    Crime Now it's police dogs under fire: Over 84 animals been destroyed

    I don't think I'd like to be destroyed when I'm close to death or apparently for no good reason It does not sound pleasant, that's for sure
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    Sci/Tech Molten-air battery's storage capacity among the highest of any battery type

    So when can I expect my phone to be powered by a small molten-air battery?
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    General Jaden Smith: If Everyone "Dropped Out of School," Society Would Be "More Intelligent"

    I say let it happen, let everyone with a similar IQ to the Karate kid (which is coincidentally similar to room temperature) drop out of school. I can then only hope that they realize they do not have a wealthy backing and begrudgingly march back to school, sit their asses down, and start learning
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    Health Australia could become first nation to outlaw smoking

    15USD for a 20 pack (I'm assuming)?. Damn, we buy ours here in South Africa for about 3 - 4 USD and out tax on tobacco is already about 300% (which is such a joke). I remember about five years back it cost about 1 USD.
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    Stuck between a rock and a hard place

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place
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    Health Australia could become first nation to outlaw smoking

    Well, here's another reason I'd never move to the land down under, although technically it's more like the land to the right of me. I'm assuming they already have a heavy tax on tobacco products?
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    Sci/Tech Russian billionaire reveals real-life 'avatar' plan; will upload his brain to a hologram.

    Because he won't have to rely on his body anymore, his mind(i.e. the transferred data of his mind) won't corrode with time like a normal human body does
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    Report Update: Alien-Looking Skeleton Poses Medical Mystery

    If you look at every sort of abnormality humans have to offer, I don't find this that strange, very cool though, like I drop my cellphone and it rolls under the couch, and I could just ask my smurf buddy to go on an adventure and find it
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    Health Scientists create new killer flu in Chinese lab

    Lord May - "Why China, WHY?" China - "Because fook yu, that's why"
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    Sci/Tech Firearms research: The gun fighter

    Eh, woops, I guess I didn't read the article too well. I kind of feel rather silly :oops:
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    Sci/Tech Firearms research: The gun fighter

    People like this make me sick, I'm an avid hunter and actually have my provincial colours for pin shooting, an American born shooting sport that we've adopted here in South Africa. Now many of you may not know but firearms laws in South Africa are strict but with the correct qualifications and...
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    Sci/Tech Pirate Bay Finds Safe Haven in Iceland, Switches to .IS Domain

    I await the day the world decides to leave these guys alone. They're (debate-ably) not hurting anyone and I hate to see human resources wasted in trying to shut them down. Think of what more could be done if courts turned their piratebay attention towards other court cases that could perhaps...
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    Report ScienceShot: Heavy Stubble Makes Men More Attractive

    I stopped using a razor at the beginning of the year (2nd year in college) and now I just use a head shaver or whatever its called and use a #2 fitting and finally I clean up my neck using a razor I can vouch for this study - it works ;)
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    Sci/Tech Samsung's Galaxy S 4 is a No-Touch-Touchscreen, Not-Quite-Android Android Phone

    No they are going to release it here I'm saying I'm really excited and cannot wait :)