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  1. denmax

    How to get the exact mid point between several points.

    Edit: Nevermind, i should have read the post more. You already solved it xD I was talking about centroid of liness and shez
  2. denmax

    Fez Unrevealed

    wasn't Fez II cancelled or something?
  3. denmax


    Maybe try changing the death time of your heroes to a large number? Their bodies will stay on the ground, and will not dissipate as I'm aware. The data value is located in the unit editor, its like one of the first things above selectings its model or icon. It's not really difficult to track...
  4. denmax

    Help with "attack" ability

    First.. you don't really need that entangling roots method going for.. If what I remember is correct, adding "Worker" as a unit classification type on your unit of interest will stop it from auto-attacking. Once you order it to attack, however, you'll need to stop it. You can use "Unit - Unit...
  5. denmax

    Conditions help...

    Using unit groups, we can pick all the units we want in a certain range. Do NOT use "Unit Group - Pick unit in range (with conditions)". Why? Technically, there is nothing wrong with it. For cleanliness and efficiency (sometimes), it is worse. The problem is that you cannot really detect what...
  6. denmax

    Three-way transformation w/ independent cooldowns

    Hmm.. how would I go about with that exactly? Especially three-way?
  7. denmax

    Map crashing with no error

    Okay, when I open the thing, it says something about "trigger function does not exist in database" IIRC it means that it's either protected, or using an editor add-on like WEU. In other words, I can't help.
  8. denmax

    Three-way transformation w/ independent cooldowns

    I'll try to understand what you guys meant. Let's say for example we have some guy who can shift between fire, ice and earth - with fire as a base. I guess what you guys mean is: • Have a base unit, with the morphing ability and its other abilities (e.g. fire). • Add abilities intended for...
  9. denmax

    Three-way transformation w/ independent cooldowns

    Okay, I'll make it simple. I want an ability that allows me to change a Hero to another one with different spells (basically the same on everything else). That Hero can then change to another one with its own different spells, and the last one can change back to the first Hero. Preferrably, I...
  10. denmax

    Something wrong - Tossing units and Hashtables

    Ugh.. nevermind... I created a hashtable on the unitgroup, which caused it to create a hashtables per unit Now my only issue is if it creates memory leaks, esp. on Loads 1 and 2
  11. denmax

    Something wrong - Tossing units and Hashtables

    I basically made an ability which hurls units from a target point towards your location. Before, I used real variables to store the distance and angle. Now, after learning about Hashtables, I'm slowly trying to shift the needed reals to hashtable to make them somewhat closer to being MUI. The...
  12. denmax

    Unit targetable spell that adds constant damage

    I've resorted to using Drunken Brawler for balance purposes on my friends' map. The bonus damage won't affect buildings, and this passive was perfect for it. I'll prolly delve in Trueshot Aura and Item Attack Damage in the near future.
  13. denmax

    What makes the minimap completely black?

    Hmm.. After closer inspection I can see a hint of green mixed with brown on the upper right on revealed area though.. You tried exploring the map more? because black usually means unexplored. I'm assuming the brown is units owned by player brownie but not sure about that hint of green
  14. denmax

    What makes the minimap completely black?

    Well, the only thing I can think off is the buttons. Beside the minimap are buttons that interact with whatever you see on the minimap such as changing color of enemies and allies (red and cyan, or their norma colors), see creep camps, and to use night mode (or something like that). You...
  15. denmax

    Unit targetable spell that adds constant damage

    Yeah.. I would use Critical Strike (not Bash.. last time I remembered a 0.00 duration causes it to stun forever), but I wouldn't be able to see the bonus That trushot aura idea however... hmmm.. Can you set the level of an ability within a disable Spell Book? Also, do multiple instances of...
  16. denmax

    Unit targetable spell that adds constant damage

    Yeah, this is probably a really dumb question, but after being away from WE for 5 years, I seem to have forgotten if there ever was such an ability that existed. I typically use percentages using Inner Fire, but that wouldn't work for this case. I want to avoid using the item abilities because...
  17. denmax

    Need help with unit group

    Use these commands. I'm assuming "specific" means they are preplaced in the map Unit Group - Add unit Unit - Issue order targeting a unit (Random unit from unit group) Unit Group - Remove unit Its probable you want to add these units in the group at the start of the map, so we could use "Map...
  18. denmax

    Randomize player starting locations

    Sorry.. 5 years back I used to post a whole lot of things when people ask help... just to be safe ya know?
  19. denmax

    Randomize player starting locations

    There's no real way to place starting locations using triggers. You'd have to force the camera to pan to said random location for the player. Unless this isn't what you mean. If the problem's more complex (as in, you don't know how to do the randomized castle thing in the first place), here's...
  20. denmax

    Advanced - need a costs table.

    What I can think of is using a Unit-Type Array and two Integer Arrays for each resource. You can use a condition which states that if they are building unit-type stored in array 1, then it requires the resources greater than on integer stored in array 1 you'd have to set the initial values...