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  1. Sajin

    [C++] - Number Systems to Decimal

    After attempting to implement your code I got a few errors: IBM2temp.cpp: In function ‘std::string BaseXtoY(int, int, std::string)’: IBM2temp.cpp:63: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘it’ with no type IBM2temp.cpp:63: error: cannot convert...
  2. Sajin

    [C++] - Number Systems to Decimal

    #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> #include <cmath> #include <iomanip> #include <vector> using namespace std; const int IBMx = 6; const int IBMy = 16; const int IBMz = 1911; void inPut(); int main() { int counter1; int counter2; int counter3; int counter4; int...
  3. Sajin

    [C++] - Number Systems to Decimal

    for this assignment base 11 - 16 use A-F yes. @tom_mai The assignment indicated it's only up to base 16 but I'll give it a shot once I get the base program working correctly. Also correct me if im wrong, but wouldn't doing arithmetic with a char / string values end up using the ASCII value...
  4. Sajin

    [C++] - Number Systems to Decimal

    So for my final project in my college principles of programming class, we were given an assignment where we are to take a hypothetical situation where we are to calculate the 'haul potential' of planets, if we were to mine them, by using (potential value)/(distance from headquarters) as our...
  5. Sajin

    Your favorite Video Game OST

    GW2 - Fear not this night
  6. Sajin

    What's your best TV series ever?

    Warehouse 13 never once disappointed me
  7. Sajin

    Playing ff14 when suddenly...

    Yesterday I was playing FF14(first time playing it and I had the graphics maxed) when suddenly both of my monitors go black, and starts stuttering(for lack of a better word) making a static noise that I and even the people over skype could hear, for about 2 or 3 seconds, then everything comes...
  8. Sajin

    US News Texas student wins scholarship after outing teacher for comparing atheism to smoking

    Got about half way through, and realized, that I just don't give a shit.
  9. Sajin

    Crime Childhood Friend Shoots Teen 10 Times Over $60 PlayStation 3

    not when it's stolen and theyre looking to make a quick buck
  10. Sajin

    World Russians to deploy floating nuclear power plant

    Accname and Firecat have such a cute relationship together. You two should date
  11. Sajin

    The Spell Request Thread! (2nd)

    This thread is years old... the last comment was in 2011. Please don't revive threads.
  12. Sajin

    Health First man to hear people before they speak

    Because of the way our brain receives information, everything we see and hear is actually ~80 milliseconds later then it actually happens.
  13. Sajin

    [MMO] WildStar trailer

    It's early alpha footage im sure, but the movement doesn't look smooth at parts, most noticeably at the part in the trailer where the player is jumping up the tree. and it kind of has a borderlands look
  14. Sajin

    Have you ever met a celebrity in real life?

    my mom went to high school with Pat Monahan, and I had the lead singer of War of Age's mom as a physical therapist, but that's as close as it gets
  15. Sajin

    Dragon's Prophet Beta Keys

    So Guild Launch started giving away beta keys to Dragon's Prophet, a new MMO. ~link: ~ Heres also the games homepage: Overall looks a lot like Tera/GW2 while at a little slower of a pace...
  16. Sajin

    Sci/Tech Google Could Pay Apple $1 Billion Next Year To Remain Default Search Engine On iOS, Report Says

    Being an Apple supporter, this shit is stupid. Apple make good products I'll admit but charging that insane amount just for Google to be the main search engine? At least Google is inavating, Apple has just been releasing the same tech for the past ~5 years