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  1. Chewbalka

    a bug on combining item

    ah missed that last line, good way of doing it.
  2. Chewbalka

    a bug on combining item

    You will have to make sure they actually have 2 of the item before removing any. For each (Integer A) from 1 to 6, do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Item-type of (Item...
  3. Chewbalka

    Destructible doodad problem

    I dont think it can be. How about making it a unit owned by neutral? Just make it act like a destructible with the object editor by giving it 0 vision range and movement etcetra.
  4. Chewbalka

    a bug on combining item

    Nvm beat to it
  5. Chewbalka

    a bug on combining item

    that doesent fix his issue, he needs to check for the same item type twice but not find the same item object. I have to go so i do not have the time to trigger that for now.
  6. Chewbalka

    Auto-cast queries..

    You could also add/remove the ability via trigger/jass whenever it needs to be controlled. You could also re-create the ability with the base of a non autocast spell and use triggers to imitate autocasting.
  7. Chewbalka

    a bug on combining item

    click on the trigger, to the right it shows Trigger comment: (white empty box) Trigger function: Triggername events .... Right click on the trigger name click on copy as text. you can test that it works by using Ctrl + V Put wc3 tags around it and post it. [wc3] [/wc3 ] Also...
  8. Chewbalka

    Periodic spawning problem

    Just add a if/then/else to the beginning. if (Random item in Spawn <gen>) Equal to No item then Item - Create Random_Sword[(Random integer number between 1 and 3)] at (Random point in Spawn <gen>) skip remaining actions else The rest of the current code There's no need for a...
  9. Chewbalka

    Creep revive isn't working

    First removing the code tags makes this much more readable. Since i can't see an obviouse problem for some reason ill post all my concerns. 1. In the second trigger, switch the place of these two lines: Unit - Remove (Picked unit) from the game Unit Group - Remove (Picked unit) from...
  10. Chewbalka

    Pre-load units, clarification needed

    To my understanding it is not for units, but imports. It is for preventing lag whenever an imported file is used/spawned. I have easily 1200+ imports on one of my maps and havent found a reason to justify its use.
  11. Chewbalka

    Overrite Menu

    Yes, A number of things you can open while ingame, playing a map, you can edit. Including the full player interface and most of the other interfaces like dialogs, cinematics, quests, log et-cetera. But not the main menu or any menu not avialabe while playing a map. A map is an extension of the...
  12. Chewbalka

    Overrite Menu

    the game main menu? im pretty certain you can only modify the model used as a background.
  13. Chewbalka

    Untitled trigger error (jass)

    Possibly the trigger was made in a modified version of the editor and has left information even though the trigger was deleted. But since the people loading the map do not have the modified editor you have, there editor does not recognize the issues. Have them download the same editor mod you...
  14. Chewbalka

    Creep revive isn't working

    The 2nd and last trigger are using the same event are probably incompatible. The last trigger depends on ((Dying unit) is in DungeonCreeps) Equal to True But the second posted trigger removes all units from the unit group: Unit Group - Remove (Picked unit) from DungeonCreeps Actually looking...
  15. Chewbalka

    Limiting the loading of units into transports?

    Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - Paladin 0000 <gen> Is loaded into a transport Conditions (Transporting unit) Not equal to Human Transport Ship 0002 <gen> Actions Unit - Order (Transporting unit) to Unload Paladin 0000 <gen> Note you cant add...
  16. Chewbalka

    System Easy GUI Dialog

    1. How is this an "Easy" dialog? 2. Do we need this? 3. Do people have a need for Dialog Boxes/Button's anymore? 4. Will people benefit from this 'Tutorial'/'System' ? 5. How much time did you put into this? 1. A Title and not grammatically correct, i call it easy because you only simply need...
  17. Chewbalka

    System Easy GUI Dialog

    Easy GUI Dialog I'm making a map where there are tones of dialog mostly yes/no but more complicated ones as well. So i made this to handle them all. I won't be making this into jass, there is already 2 jass dialog system that I found, I'm posting this becasue its both for GUI users and very...
  18. Chewbalka

    Line of sight blocker, not blocking.

    The wall is a pathing blocker, there are line of sight blockers in the wall aswell, But when you get close to the wall you see right past them. I tried large line of sight blockers and they only work properly in one direction. Not the slightest clue why, any ideas? Happens when i remove the...
  19. Chewbalka

    Discussion Vertical Pathing System

    Would this be a cinematic effect? Sounds like where the unit appears to be the location in which it could be attacked is probably diffearent. Such as if your going under a bridge you could get attacked by a unit on the top of the bridge.
  20. Chewbalka

    Lumber to gold

    Melee Initialization Events Player - Player 1 (Red)'s Current lumber becomes Greater than 0.00 Conditions Actions Player - Set Player 1 (Red) Current gold to ((Player 1 (Red) Current gold) + (Player 1 (Red) Current lumber)) Player - Set Player 1 (Red)...