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    Start menu options

    You make a dialog box then you add dialogbuttons and after that you have to define and create an event of what will happen if you press the button. example: a dialog box where you can choose how many lives you will have when you enter the game. you got 2 buttons and when they click on one...
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    Map popularity

    ever checked hiveworkshop? look at the tools section; Here
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    Map popularity

    Yes, indeed. download WinRar as cake said then i strongly suggest you read This
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    Map popularity

    that depends from player to player, my suggestion is that you make polls at different Warcraft 3 forums / sites and see what they like and don't like. Then when you have what you need you can start the base of your map! My opinion; you don't need costum models/skins/spells to make a...
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    Setting players to computers?

    It is in player properties but if you want it to work you have to go to Force properties and press use costum force then fixed player settings. then it should work ;)
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    Campaign Editor: Imported Files

    1, you dont have to exit world editor, you can just close the map and re-open. 2, *the campaign contains map files which are not in use* it means what it means, the campaign contains files which are not in use. 3, don't really know what the problem is, it can be numerous things, path can be...
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    Your Favorite Genre?

    Oh my gosh, Melodic death metal, Death metal and Black metal is the shit ! metal is ownage aswell ;P
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    Music help

    make the file smaller and indeed wrong section. My tip is that you slice and dice your little music file and use smaller parts of the file instead of the whole file which is probably 5-6 mbit large.
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    Replacing units (Triggers)

    why replace them?, is it not easier to make a dialog and then just create the units after the button has been clicked instead of replacing them? ;)
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    Which Race Do You Like Most

    Undead ftw, they are so alive.. xD
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    Skin importing error

    fail fail fail fail, you cant change your path for a tga file to .blp mate, you have to convert the tga to blp first! ;)
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    Loading Screen Error

    you are not suppose to open the mdx file, you are suppose to make a BLP file then have the loadingscreen.mdx as a mdx file and then use it on costum loading screen options. note: change ur pic to FullScreen.blp
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    Import skins

    warcraft 3 image extractor II is better i think
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    Import skins

    read this try reading that, it might help...
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    huh? how do you mean =s? Dota has a defensive structure at their bases, at the shops... and secondly, i do not know how Dota took away the AI at the start of the game, mate those dudes are professional, i am not that good :P
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    you don't need to use green and red as shops if you don't want them for separate teams otherwise just use natural passive shops so both can shop in them
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    yeh.. fix the teams there, put red, blue or who you want in team 1 while the rest is in team 2 or even team 3 and 4 ;)
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    remove the teams trigger, i think it is because its full shared unit control, when they leave the resources are shared aswell, go to Scenario > Force properties and fix the teams there
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    custom icon green(disabled)

    i got the icons by him, i did not rename them, they were named icon and icondis.jpg, i converted them... didn't bother changing name since he already knew which was which.
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    need a good name for a necromancer map

    The necromancer lands of terror! xD EDIT: Necromanian Empire