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  1. 0WN3D

    health and mana degenerating after item use

    I don't think that is possible, even with triggers. Cause you will need to caculate the hp regen rate which is impossible if i am correct.
  2. 0WN3D

    Issue with Channel ability

    I cant really tell what could have went wrong..... But i cant really know why did you use berserk and what do you mean by connect to channel? Couldnt you just use tranquility or some channeling spell and make it give buff to caster. Every 1 second check if the casting unit has the buff and if 10...
  3. 0WN3D

    Several questions about my sheep projectile.

    However..... Backswing changes with attack speed so you need to caculate that in too
  4. 0WN3D

    Several questions about my sheep projectile.

    1) Only way is to import a sheep that does not have blood Or you can trigger the attack(Unfesible) 2)Only way is to caculate the backswing with attack speed and BaT fomulae thing(im not sure about his 1, search the forums) Or also you can trigger the attack 3) You can import the sheeps...
  5. 0WN3D

    Trigger help..

    He mean to make 2 variables.... 1 is integer and another boolean.... Then each time a tuskar is kill set tuskarcount = tusckarcount + 1 And every few second check if tuskarcount is more than 2 then if it is, set the boolean to true Then after that, each time a tuskar dies, check if the...
  6. 0WN3D

    Periodic Event Question (was: Easiest Question on the Helper)

    Maybe.... As your periodic time maybe smaller than the wait time.... And the action will not cancel and 2 action may happen simultaneosly.... Lets say the 1st time it run the random integer is 65..... Then after 60 second the trigger runs agaian... This time the random integer is 5.... Then they...
  7. 0WN3D

    How to make an auto-firing arrow?

    Trigger name could be change..... Jus click on it to highlight it in blue.... Then click on it again..... The difference from hero and normal ability is that hero ability can be learnt.....
  8. 0WN3D

    for each Integer A...??

    Integer A is also good for reducing trigger length.... Instead of Create unit for Player 1-12 You can use For each integer A 1 to 12 Create unit for Playernumber(Integer A)
  9. 0WN3D

    Blink With Movement Disabled?

    Trigger the blink... Base it on any ground target abiltiy and use trigger to move unit to target point bein cast
  10. 0WN3D

    Split shot spell trouble

    Another possibility... The shockwave stacked with each other.... As in your trigger Unit - Order Frostysplitdummyunit[2] to Orc Tauren Chieftain - Shockwave (FROSTYSPLITDUMYPOINT offset by 300.00 towards 0.00 degrees) Unit - Order Frostysplitdummyunit[2] to Orc Tauren Chieftain - Shockwave...
  11. 0WN3D

    Pokemon in the future?

    Persnonally.... I think scalingly will be extremely weird... Like(if memory serves0 the 1st gym of silver/gold... where the 1st gym is bird type and he a lvl 8 pigeotto.... the 1st time i say it i was like o_O as pidgey dun evolve till much later.... And it may be weird to see a lvl 8 gyrados...
  12. 0WN3D

    Mass Ensare spell doesnt work :/

    Try using Unit - A unit starts an effect ofan ability instead of Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability thats is not the real cause of the problem.... It is here... Set Temp_Group = (Units within TempReal of TempPoint matching (((Triggering unit) belongs to an enemy of (Owner of...
  13. 0WN3D

    [Request]Skill Unstable Concoction

    .... Please read the Forum rules..... Explain the spell as not every1 plays dota...... Anyway that out of the way... first thing first..... Welcome to thehelper...... Anyway to gt the trigger without wanting to learn anything, go search teh forum for spell pack of alchemist....
  14. 0WN3D

    Pawn item add gold to allies

    I think it means to Player - Add ((life of (Sold Item)) / (Number of players in Losbuenos[1])) to (Picked player) Current gold
  15. 0WN3D

    item abilities?

    Personnally i think item ability should not be too complicated but very simple and ez to use... No time to stat like how as i got to go..
  16. 0WN3D

    Custom Hero AI Computer Non-melee

    Making a non-melee ai is not very hard but infact it is very easy.... However it is very very VERY tedious.....
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    or use unit specific event ... When a specific unit dies and in combitnation with the above solutions...
  18. 0WN3D

    Animation while casting doesnt work

    For the item question..... It depends actullay.... If your region is playable map then it will not leak But if it is some undefined region(like 300,300 rect centered at triggering unit) than it will leak Pretty sure pre-defined region dont leak like what you create in region manager thingy...
  19. 0WN3D

    Short Few Questions (More Decimal Places, Trigger on Button Click, Etc.)

    1) pretty sure world editor reals use 3 decimal.... Try showing real instead of intergers 2) Sry i dunno jazz etc etc etc
  20. 0WN3D

    changing a unit's stats (damage, armor, etc) mid-game?

    Use item ability bonus damage and bonus armor.... Have different levels that give different amount and level it up to eqauls to ur stats