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    General Company, accused as "traitor", will sell Japanese island to China news section is turning into a hate forum :(
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    Sci/Tech PS3 hack is said to be irreversible with the leak of “LV0″ PS3 encryption keys

    Hopefully this will speed-up PS3 emulation on PC Granted no one will be able to run shit with our current PC specs but still. Also, this'll probably speed up production of the PS4 I figure. Not TOO bad I guess :3
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    Playing an .WAV file with (or without) Direct X

    Thank you, the 1 mb rule wasn't being followed in my past attempts but when i used a smaller wave file it worked perfectly. Now the question is, what are my options for playing a larger WAVE file? (+rep btw) Edit: R.I.P. +Rep QQ
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    Playing an .WAV file with (or without) Direct X

    BUMP :O Are bumps even allowed on these forums anymore xD? Does anyone know how to play the song with the location to the file that is obtained D:? Edit: It seems playsound is useless when playing .wav files Or any streamed audio in that case. Any suggestions I Figured out how to...
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    Playing an .WAV file with (or without) Direct X

    Sup TH, I've been recently learning how to program in WINDOWS API and i've been having fun making menus, dialog boxes, etc. Recently, I've tried to put these skills to the test and make an application that opens up a song, plays it, then when it finishes, it allows the user to open up another...
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    World China: The Yangtze River is More Beautiful Than Ever

    I like how that guy is wading into Piranha-infested waters.
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    All my bookmarks are gone

    So yesterday from this post I had all my bookmarks happy as can be sitting in my chrome web-browser. However, today they all seem to have left me. I am quite saddened by their decision to move on but I can understand it must be tiring sitting inside this cold dark web-browser when I turn this...
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    World China Menaced by Exploding Soy Sauce.

    This is how China shall fall >: )
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    General It's System Administrator Appreciation Day today!

    I only have one thing to say: Where's AceHart?! T_T
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    General "Leap second" adds extra moment for first time since 2008

    What will I do with that extra second? Masturbate of course.
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    Crime Talking Surveillance Cameras Coming to U.S. Streets

    If I become homeless, in my personal opinion i'd have to have done something really stupid to get there, so no matter how much I would whine while being homeless, i'd think i'd deserve not to be helped. Life isn't easy. And @Accname yeah I can understand there are those who may have been...
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    Crime Talking Surveillance Cameras Coming to U.S. Streets

    As negative as my post is going to be right now, dont get angry. IMO homeless people are really just burdens on current society. If you are homeless you A) didnt try and expect a free ride in life B) have an illness like schizophrenia and are unable to work or C) are a drunk and use all the...
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    Crime Talking Surveillance Cameras Coming to U.S. Streets

    EMP INBOUND, ELECTRONICS ARE DOWN! OT: I think that's a good money saver in a down economy, plus I like the idea of public announcements through the speakers and the processing units on each light so the lighting system isn't taken down by a car crash of some sorts
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    Sci/Tech South Koreans “Down White House Homepage” and Japan "Counter-Petitioned Back."

    in my based opinion, I like japan better than Korea cause they seem more open to foreign countries and just seem nicer. Bringing up pearl harbor as an "attack" on why it should be the east sea in our textbooks is childish and really just finger pointing. Japan brings up many points as to why...
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    World Australian Billionaire to build Titanic 2

    Too soon?.. xD OT: Cool! I mean not really much difference from any other cruiser but the name. Perhaps include history of the original Titanic in a sort of museum placed on the ship?
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    Anyone know a good site for Maths

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there had a website that pertains to programming in 3d/2d location, projectiles, etc and that explains how it works in the program/how it works in general. Anything like what I stated above is fine so long as it explains the math, if it isn't in coding...
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    UK News Droughts may last until December!

    I thought the title said, "Donuts may last until December!" ... My stomach is sad now :(
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    nameless entertainment was TOO STRONK for us to handle :( The funny thing is we were better at...

    nameless entertainment was TOO STRONK for us to handle :( The funny thing is we were better at making the website and arguing on it than making the game xD