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  1. Komaqtion

    Script load failed: Syntax error when map starts?

    Yeah, I know what syntax error means :p But I just wanted help finding it ;) And Galaxy++ has been quite good åt finding easy errors at least.
  2. Komaqtion

    Script load failed: Syntax error when map starts?

    Hello! I just started scripting in the Galaxy language and I'm having some trouble with importing the files with the script inside it. I followed this tutorial to try and start, but I also made my own trigger for a spell I had in mind (just a Blink spell with some AoE damage) and I used...
  3. Komaqtion

    Picking units within "X" range of point (not region)?

    Ok, thank you :D I just thought since there were easier ways of doing this in WC3 (i.e you didn't have to create a region -_-) then there might be something easier in SC2 ;) But I'll just use that then.
  4. Komaqtion

    Picking units within "X" range of point (not region)?

    Hello! I just started working with the Galaxy Editor, and I find the Data Editor part completely inunderstandable, so I want to make a simple spell without the use of any modifications of the Data fields ( except for the creation of a new spell of course ;) ). And I also want to use the...
  5. Komaqtion

    Snippet InterceptionData

  6. Komaqtion

    Snippet String2PlayerColoredString

    AND THIS WAS THE LAST STRAW ! A 180 post thread is graveyarded ?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?!?!?! THIS IS USEFUL, what is it you don't understand ?! As said in the other thread, good bye...
  7. Komaqtion

    System Smooth Unit Modification

    ARE YOU F&%@ING KIDDING ME ?! YOU GRAVEYARDED THIS ?! YOU JUST LOST A VERY HAPPY AND DEDICATED USER OF THIS FORUM... Sorry guys, I put WAY too much effort into this for it to be graveyarded, so good bye :'(
  8. Komaqtion

    Recursive Function

    Benchmark it ;) But I don't see a reason for why executing a function would be less heavy than a simply loop... :P
  9. Komaqtion

    Grid "system", useful or not ? :S

    Yeah, I know... Thanks anyways :D Well, I'm just giving you the battlefield layout, you may utilize it as you wish after that ;) I'm just not completely done with it yet as there are still some features missing (As the above mentioned outlining-problem and I also want to add a method for...
  10. Komaqtion

    Grid "system", useful or not ? :S

    Actually, I rarely make maps myself, and almost all of my "resources" come from questions here on the forum, though there may be just a single post which asks for something like it but if I think I can make it I'll do it :D
  11. Komaqtion

    Haha d e d verkligen ! :D

    Haha d e d verkligen ! :D
  12. Komaqtion

    Snippet Simple Hero Revival [v1.1] - GUI FRIENDLY -

    If you take a look at the other GUI-Friendly Jass resources here on the site, you'll see that none of them actually even require Jasshelper... That is one thing that I would very much recommend you trying to achieve as GUI users don't usually have Jasshelper (Newgen) downloaded...
  13. Komaqtion

    Spell [vJASS]Rupture [v1.2f] by baassee

    Just a small grammar error here: "Target Unit has already Rupture" Should be: "Target unit has already been Ruptured" or: "Target unit already have Rupture" And there is a new method now for checking whether a unit is alive or not, and it can be used with the help of Jasshelper. The new native...
  14. Komaqtion

    Attack Speed

    Ok, I just used a customized 'Item Attack Speed Bonus' ability, and turned it into a Unit Ability with the field "Data - Attack Speed Increase" set to 5.0 and a unit which had a cooldown of 2 seconds before, now has 0.4 seconds and 2.0 / 0.4 = 5.0 last time I checked, which means you can...
  15. Komaqtion

    Finding the average level of heroes on map

    Set Heroes = (Units in (Playable map area) matching ((((Picked unit) is A Hero) Equal to (==) True) and (((Picked unit) is alive) Equal to (==) True))) I think you need to take a look at my trigger again ;)
  16. Komaqtion

    Finding the average level of heroes on map

    There might be a better solution to this, as I just mixed something up quite fast here, but here's a version bound to work (Hopefully flawlessly, though not tested :D) Average Level Init Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Set Heroes = (Units in (Playable...
  17. Komaqtion

    Changing the attack range of Hero

    You need to understand this, you just fill in the level increment of an upgrade, you don't need to fill in each level... You fill in the start, example 50 (-50) and then the increment which should also be 50 (-50) so each time you level it up you'll get another 50 (-50) in range :D
  18. Komaqtion

    Grid "system", useful or not ? :S

    So, what do you think, is this good, or better yet is it good enough for an approvable resource ? :o (Though personally I think it has way too few features, so I would be glad to hear some ideas for them :D) And I also added a method to the GridSquare struct: method outlineSquare takes integer...
  19. Komaqtion

    Changing the attack range of Hero

    I just used this little trigger just to see if I got any bugs out of having too many levels on the upgrades, and nothing happened... Upgrade Range Periodic Events Time - Every 0.01 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Player - Set the current research level of...
  20. Komaqtion

    tigger problem (hero-selling)

    For the first I would suggest you put the Point-value of each unit as the cost for it (Unless you're already using this for something :o) as this cannot be changed in-game and is ideal for something like this :D