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  1. FrozenShadow

    I need a decent terrainer! A small city portion of my map!

    Terrain help please! So, I'm working on this map, I need any decent terrainer to modify a small city portion of the map, and maybe help me out with making a mountain area (on the left), a lake area (on the right), and a field clearing (which is at the center). Anyone interested? This is what...
  2. FrozenShadow

    Blizzard maps with heroes

    I'm going to make a few Blizzard maps, but just add heroes and see how it works out in the game, it's just gonna be something my friends and I will play for time to time lol. So anyone have any ideas for heroes in each race? I need 3. Terran Jim Raynor Nova Egon Stettman Protoss Karass Zerg...
  3. FrozenShadow

    Mass Planetary Fortress Strat [2v2]

    [Got Casted] Mass Planetary Fortress Strat (2v2) Hey guys, we got casted! Take a look here! I'm a Zerg player, but I do random in team games with my friend in real life cause I get to practice, XD Well I got Terran, and my Terran play is Bronze...
  4. FrozenShadow

    How do i make my missile the rolling baneling?

    I see that there is no model for a rolling baneling, and I have no idea how to do it, please help?
  5. FrozenShadow

    What in my trigger makes the boss spawn twice?

    What in my trigger makes the boss spawn twice? [SOLVED] There is a trigger that detects when the timer ends, when the timer does end, it turns on that trigger. Any ideas as to why it spawns twice? By the way, here are the mechanics, it's meant to spawn twenty (20) units, on non-boss waves, but...
  6. FrozenShadow

    My unit is not selectable.

    I have fixed actor events for my morphing towers, all the other towers and their upgrades work, except for the photon cannon one, as when it upgrades, the model shows, everything is right, except for the fact that it acts as if it has the "locust" ability from Warcraft 3. Any ideas as to how...
  7. FrozenShadow

    How do I play sounds that I have imported?

    Title says it all. I thought the editor took time to recognize newly imported sounds so I just rebooted the editor, and I still can't play imported sounds through triggers. The sound I imported is a .wav file. Any help?
  8. FrozenShadow

    My unit model isn't appearing!

    When I upgrade my unit, a tower, from "Scratcher" (Zealot Model) -> "Ravager" (Dark Zealot Model) it upgrades the damage is refreshed, everything works as it's supposed to. But, the problem is, for some reason the model of the "Ravager" stays as the Zealot Model. If I pre-place the tower onto...
  9. FrozenShadow

    I can't publish my map!

    For some reason when I try to publish my map it says 'Failed'. It also says that the 'Helper Application' could not be launced.
  10. FrozenShadow

    Spine Crawler does not work!

    I duplicated a spine crawler, everything is linked, is there any reason why when it attacks it doesn't use it's tentacle, but it just sends some sort of invisible projectile that suddenly kills the target? Basically, what I am asking is, what value do I have to change in order to make the...
  11. FrozenShadow

    My button won't change?

    I have my button set already, I customized it to say my tower's data in the tooltip, but when I set it to the ability, it shows the "Nexus" icon and description, if I change the slot to 3, it'll show the "Pylon," anyone know how to fix this? I've set the data already, so there is no bugs, and it...
  12. FrozenShadow

    Devoted Fan Achievement [How?!]

    I have the normal Starcraft 2 game, if I had known there would be a 'Devoted Fan' achievement for buying the Collector's Edition, I would have bought it. I am planning to buy another Starcraft 2 game, but it will be the Collector's Edition, I need your opinions first on how would I let the...
  13. FrozenShadow

    Warping In Custom Units

    How does one change the unit that the warp gate ability warps in? Here is a screenshot: My Custom Unit
  14. FrozenShadow

    Changing the max supply?

    How do I change the max supply, in melee games it is set to 200, how do I change it?
  15. FrozenShadow

    EVGA GeForce GTX 465 1GB SC or GTX480 1.5GB SC

    I got a new video card, the EVGA GeForce GTX 465 1GB SC (Superclocked). Since my uncle owns the shop, he said I could return it, and he'll just take it, because he gave me two options, keep the one I have, or give it to him, and take the EVGA GeForce GTX480 Superclocked 1536 MB DDR5. Well...
  16. FrozenShadow

    Auto-Turret's 'Attack' sound is not playing.

    Title says it all, any one knows a reason? Attackspeed is set to 0.25, would that have anything to do with it? I tried setting attackspeed to 1, and it still won't play the sound. Yes, the sound is there, it is linked, it is not missing anything, yet it won't play the sound.
  17. FrozenShadow

    Zerg Got Cannon Rushed... but won luckily!

    I won! :D How lucky, I thought I was going to lose, I was so ready to surrender, but then I saw my minerals; 4000. I immediately built hatcheries all over the map, good thing he didn't expand over the economic advantage he had over me. Anyway, I hope you don't get too bored, I was...
  18. FrozenShadow

    How to detect when a Xel'naga tower is activated?

    Title says all :D
  19. FrozenShadow

    Where do I save my maps?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, where do I save the maps that I've created in the "StarCraft II Editor"? StarCraft 2 doesn't have the Maps folder. I feel so newb entering the SC2 editor's universe.
  20. FrozenShadow

    Free Guest Passes

    Yes, I am giving away my guest passes, just PM me, the other thread creator that gave away guest passes gave me the idea, thanks :D NO MORE PASSES!