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  1. WolSHaman

    Map crashing after too many attacks

    I've attached a custom map that I've been working on that keeps crashing. I deleted every single trigger from the map yet despite that the map crashes, and I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem. I'm on WC3 classic. To create the bug: 1. Level the ranger up to 20 2. Order the...
  2. WolSHaman

    Terraining the inside of a Tavern

    That's great thanks!
  3. WolSHaman

    Terraining the inside of a Tavern

    I'm currently designing an RPG. In the first village their is a tavern the player(s) can enter that will have several merchants and quest givers. I'm not sure how to terrain for the inside of a tavern though... what doodads are there that are good to use? Are there any other games that have good...
  4. WolSHaman

    Melee Warring Kingdoms testing

    I think I found and fixed the bug! I've successfully hosted this twice without crashes. I've attached the updated version of the map in case anyone wants to test it (simply for the sake of testing)
  5. WolSHaman

    Melee Warring Kingdoms testing

    I'm not familiar with that... what is it and how does it work?
  6. WolSHaman

    Melee Warring Kingdoms testing

    This is a map I posted awhile ago on here. Since then, however, I've made a LOT of changes. So I'm posting it again for testing. Warring Kingdoms is a 12-player altered melee map with a large variety of units available. Always remember to use air defenses! An overview of the map: -Lumber is the...
  7. WolSHaman

    Detect targeted unit of an item?

    That was my first idea, but that makes it more of an AoE effect around the hero using the item, whereas what I want is more of a targeted ability. I might create a special stunned buff and have the ability give that buff, and then I check every half second or whatever if a unit has the buff and...
  8. WolSHaman

    Detect targeted unit of an item?

    I'm making an RPG right now. In the RPG there will be armored enemies, who have to be damaged with armor grenades. When a unit is hit with an armored grenade, it loses its 'armored' ability. However, I've been having trouble implementing this. I can get the condition to check that the correct...
  9. WolSHaman

    Gaming Microsoft Completely Changed Its Xbox One Strategy

    I can't remember where I heard this but it seems accurate: Microsoft took a gamble with this, hoping that the PS4 would also have a draconian used games policy, but when it turns out that the PS4 doesn't view its customers with complete contempt, Microsoft was out of luck. They gambled and...
  10. WolSHaman

    Question about the Pulverize ability

    Hey guys, this is just a quick question I want to double check: When a unit with the pulverize ability successfully pulverizes, does the damage for the pulverize ability replace the damage the unit would normally deal, or does it augment it? For example, if a unit deals 20 damage normally and...
  11. WolSHaman

    Other [finished, testing]Warring Kingdoms v2.01d

    hey guys, I've completed this map and I've tested it a decent amount, but more testing never hurt. The name of the game is Warring Kingdoms. Warring Kingdoms is a 12-player altered melee game. You start out by building a capitol near a group of trees and start mining lumber to build stuff. The...
  12. WolSHaman

    Warring Kingdoms v1.0

    bump, managed to get some testing in and released a new version!
  13. WolSHaman

    Warring Kingdoms v1.0

    This is my new map, Warring Kingdoms. This is really just my old map, Kingdom Builder, but I finally managed to reclaim the unprotected version (the old version was stored on a bad hard drive, forgot to save all my data so yeah...). A quick summary: You start with a castle, 4 workers and some...
  14. WolSHaman

    Adding additional tiles?

    hey, I'm working on a new map, and I'm ready to start terraining, but I was wondering if there was some way to overload the max number of tile slots? Normally you can only have 13 tile slots, but I'm essentially wondering if there's some way I can increase this number? Thanks in advance for any...
  15. WolSHaman

    Health Teens Become Less Active as They Enter Adulthood.

    maybe if colleges stopped smothering students in work and give them more than an hour or two every night in free time students might be more willing to work out...
  16. WolSHaman

    Sci/Tech Team P0ison hacks Lulzsec

    interesting how one of the few things capable of bringing down these self-proclaimed messianic teenage hackers is... angsty teenage drama and needs to show who's virtual penis is the biggest. Turns out those hackers aren't quite as callous or unemotional as they like to think they are...
  17. WolSHaman

    more =/= better; custom models =/= a good map

    This is more of a rant than anything, so if the mods don't like that they can feel free to take this down. Just a note to all would-be mapmakers out there: JUST BECAUSE YOU IMPORT CUSTOM MODELS INTO A GAME DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GOOD MAPMAKER, NOR DOES IT MAKE YOUR MAP DECENT. There is...
  18. WolSHaman

    a new map

    like I said, I don't really have the ability to test it, so that's kind of hard...
  19. WolSHaman

    a new map

    Disclaimer: my name on IS Crazed_Hobo, so this is me and I'm not stealing someone else's work. Also, be VERY specific about balance changes, as I can't host so I don't get many chances to play this. Kingdom Builder is a 12 player altered melee map where you choose one of three elemental...
  20. WolSHaman

    Melee Changeling (Modular Custom Race)

    from what I can tell, the only reason you need the MPQ modification is because the file is too large for hosting, so you add custom models into the MPQ in order to reduce map size, right? I played the map a little bit through, and it's pretty cool. The one suggestion I have is with the ironbark...