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  1. Demonfaze

    Return to Form? it isn't out yet, but there is a decent following behind it! (~10k people signed up for alpha testing alone, ~1000 people in the Discord chat)
  2. Demonfaze

    Return to Form?

    "I think to revitalize the site, TH has to move forward with newer things." - I read that and was just nodding my head. Maybe we could get together everyone who replies to this thread, and jump in a Discord or chat sometime and brainstorm? It'd be interesting also to survey what people are up...
  3. Demonfaze

    Return to Form?

    I'm on board whatever you decide to do! Don't know how much time I can commit, but every time I get a message about TheHelper I get excited. :)
  4. Demonfaze

    [Unity] Legion TD 2

    Yep! We think there is. :)
  5. Demonfaze

    [Unity] Legion TD 2

    Hey guys! Some of you might have heard of Legion TD, a Wc3 map I made back in 2009. It's now the most popular map on BattleNet. It's also known as Squadron TD on Sc2. TheHelper is where I learned how to make games and it means a lot to me that these forums are still up and running. For the...
  6. Demonfaze

    Experience with Xenforo?

    Yeah that's what I ended up doing. Thanks!
  7. Demonfaze

    Experience with Xenforo?

    Got it. I'm a few hours into installation/setup, and it's going reasonably well. Is it possible to specify an HTML page for the index.php, rather than displaying a Xenforo page? For example, could you, in theory, make point to an HTML page without changing the URL...
  8. Demonfaze

    Experience with Xenforo?

    Cool, I'll shoot you a message when things are slightly further along. I'm really impressed with the variety of configuration options in the Admin CP so far. For integrating user accounts with something like Wordpress (so that people can comment on a blog using their forum account), I'm...
  9. Demonfaze

    Steam Summer Sale

    I bought Skyrim for $5. Never played anything like it--I've always been an online, competitive gamer. It's quite a different experience. It almost feels like how I feel when I read a really good fantasy novel in how it feels like an escape into another world. As opposed to Dota/League of Legends...
  10. Demonfaze

    Experience with Xenforo?

    Awesome--thanks for your advice. I just purchased a license. It sounds like most of the cons had to do with switching, rather than starting from scratch as I am. Definitely fun posting here again! TH is literally what got me into online communities and I actually lurk pretty regularly. I'll try...
  11. Demonfaze

    Experience with Xenforo?

    Hey guys, I'm looking into launching a forum for an upcoming game with my company. In the past, I've had experience with vBulletin, but I noticed TheHelper switched over to Xenforo. After reading into things, I'm heavily leaning toward Xenforo, but I'm a little hesitant since I haven't...
  12. Demonfaze

    Hand-Drawing Assymetrical Logos and Tags

    This is a sweet tutorial. I'm wanting to come up with a logo for my game, so it's not quite as crazy as band art, but still I think the same techniques work. Thanks dude!
  13. Demonfaze

    Tender Fury

    Wow that really was a huge improvement. Safe to say if the site used the old layout, I probably would have taken a look and left without a second thought of registering.
  14. Demonfaze

    Prometheus aka kc102

    Wow, all these names ring nostalgia bells. But I can't remember for the life of me, any bit of these events. All I can remember is the Warcraft (and how awesome it was, how the WEHZ felt more responsive than a chat room). Maybe I thought everyone was just joking, or I was otherwise too naive to...
  15. Demonfaze

    Change Language of WC3

    Is it possible to change language of wc3? If so, how?
  16. Demonfaze

    How do you make a hero kill another instanly?

    Pharaoh's method will work, but if you need to access the killing unit in another trigger (ex: using the response "Killing Unit" to the event "a unit dies"), then you should consider using the "Unit - Damage Target" action instead.
  17. Demonfaze

    Space Terraining?

    Abyss tile (Outland tileset) or use a custom tile, presumably colored black and with maybe some white dots (stars or w/e you want).
  18. Demonfaze

    How to make your own unit cannot be controlled by the owner of the unit.

    Change the unit ownership to an allied computer player, then handle any player-specific functions (ex: bounty, kill count, etc.) via triggers.
  19. Demonfaze

    Java , c++ or anything else ?

    Have you considered Python? That was my first real programming language. It has simple enough (as in, very high-level) syntax to see fast results, but it is also powerful enough to make complex games, using the Pygame engine in particular.
  20. Demonfaze

    I need a 'cool/unusual' way to open a secret area...

    How about an invisible, wandering hermit (a creep), who drops a (literal or figurative) key to the cave? The hermit would die very easily; the only hard part is finding it. To make it a little easier (and adding a cool effect in the process) for players, you could loop a soft 3D sound clip at...