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  1. emootootoo

    WE fuxing up. Help please :(

    do you have triggers with the map initialization event that have big loops or just a lot of functions? in any case try making a copy of the map and delete all triggers in it and make a new one that displays a message after 5 seconds elapsed and see if that appears
  2. emootootoo

    Why won't this Fade Filter for Specific Player in JASS work?

    i use this in my quest system to display "QuestBox.blp" as a filter for a specific player (it's a box that i display text on) whenever i want to show a player the filter i set "disalogDisplay[player number]" to true and call this function straight after to hide it from the player i set...
  3. emootootoo

    yeah just destructibles with 4x4 pathing based off line of sight blockers

    yeah just destructibles with 4x4 pathing based off line of sight blockers
  4. emootootoo

    Zwiebelchen's Threat System - Damage Detection

    i suppose for heals you can just be like unit uses certain ability add X heal threat * ability level for all your heal spells, which i don't think are that common anyway so it's not too much extra effort
  5. emootootoo

    Zwiebelchen's Threat System - Damage Detection

    depends if you want different spells to give differeing amounts of threat per damage point or whatever you can easily just make one trigger that adds 1 threat per damage point for any damage dealt in the game scope DamageThreat initializer Init private function Threat takes nothing returns...
  6. emootootoo

    Zwiebelchen's Threat System - Damage Detection

    oh, Damage only requires all triggered damage if you care about attack/custom damage type detection just use it with its damage event and add threat based on the damage dealt, it detects all damage including blizzard spells and attacks
  7. emootootoo

    Zwiebelchen's Threat System - Damage Detection

    all triggered damage: attack detection + custom damage types for all damage orb damage detection: attack detection + all blizzard spells are the same custom damage type seems like a better deal to trigger everything, unless you just plan on having attack damage and (blizzard) spell damage...
  8. emootootoo

    RPG Special Randomizable Dungeon Crawl

    aw yeah! we should share ideas, i'm doing random dungeons too i'd totally test this out when you start testing, i love this kind of stuff
  9. emootootoo

    [Contest] Hero Contest

    i voted without reading the code, but i did test every hero out in-game with only a quick glance at the code i voted for the most enjoyable/original hero in the end, which i'm sure most would agree is fair to take a chunk of the grade. though it does seems kind of redundant that the judge is...
  10. emootootoo

    Combine Hero Tavern and Hero Selection

    so you want something like this, but it selects the hero for you when you pick it in the tavern, and has an option to go back to the tavern list when you are done perusing?
  11. emootootoo

    Loss of control of units

    i have an rpg with 500+ creeps on the map at a time and this issue doesn't exist, same with every other rpg like that you may be correct if you mean it happens when they are owned by a player slot player instead of neuts i'll test it edit: the problem was solved, had a trigger i forgot about...
  12. emootootoo

    Loss of control of units

    probably 100-200 but 95% of them are standing still at one time just like an rpg that has a bunch of creeps standing around doing nothing but never has this issue
  13. emootootoo

    Loss of control of units

    anyone heard of loss of control of all units at random while playing a map? it's not very common but happens every time i test the map online atleast once it happens to all players at the same time you can't give any orders to units, but if you do, when the control loss ends (after...
  14. emootootoo

    System BuffStruct

    thanks, a little after this post i was thinking it might be something like that, just havent been able to check
  15. emootootoo

    System BuffStruct

    so i seem to have hit a wall with buffstruct it seems if i try to make more than around 60 buffs grimoire stuffs up and chucks out an error pointing to grimex.txt C:\Users\XX\AppData\Local\Temp\VB55C.tmp.lua:1783: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) fyi - the last buff that is made...
  16. emootootoo

    RPG Profligacy

    k we'll look at the tooltip i guess i'm 100% sure that quest bug doesn't exist, not sure what makes you think that too bad you never found the terminal lol and - sure the start is a little slow, but we are happy with the pace, it's not meant for soloing edit: map is getting better and better...
  17. emootootoo

    RPG Profligacy

    yeah the exit portal goes away before he respawns, but you can just -suicide we never saw it as an issue since we find it hilarious, but fair point no idea what that means we've done every quest in the game a million times and never had them bug, you probably just never found the right...
  18. emootootoo

    RPG Profligacy

    Profligacy ORPG (Beta), where extravagance is just common sense. The Beginning (there’s always a beginning) Crawling out of a caustic cauldron, you find yourself in a darkened laboratory beneath a behemoth of a city, The City of Solace. Confused, curious, and wanting to cull your sense of...
  19. emootootoo

    Anti-Maphack System

    Last edited by PandaMine : 04-12-2008 at 11:59 PM. Reason: Major Update like he even has h2i in there still man
  20. emootootoo

    Unit Pitch/Roll?

    how does one add an actor to an actor? tried adding the site operation - explicit rotation actor to my main unit actor as an alias but that didn't work, and i don't really see anything else that looks like the right way to add it