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  1. s3rius

    Help choosing a SQL database

    I see no reason not to go for MySQL. I've mostly used XAMPP ( as a software suite and I can recommend it. Installing is as easy as just clicking through the installer. You access SQL and your databases via browser, view and modify data, input custom sql...
  2. s3rius

    Malware found in ... my own program Oo ?

    Is is repeatable? If you delete the file and Eclipse generates it again, will it still pop up?
  3. s3rius

    C# syntax question

    If C# pointer syntax is anything like C++, you'd have to dereference the objects: PictureBox* [,] gameGrid = { {&PictureBox00, &PictureBox01}, {&PictureBox10, &PictureBox11} } But what is wrong with using an array of simple PictureBox objects? iirc C# behaves like Java in that it...
  4. s3rius

    Sports Should US Olympians Pay Taxes on Medals?

    And if you open up a business of your own, you'll still have to pay taxes even though you take all the risks and invest your own money in it. You mean like the hostage situation and shootings in Munich during the '72 games? Oh, or any other event from...
  5. s3rius

    Sports Should US Olympians Pay Taxes on Medals?

    There's no taxes on legal marijuana? I'm surprised. Not gonna comment on the rest because you've gone bonkers there and I don't have the nerves to explain to you how the world works. I don't even know why you ask such things. I'm pretty sure you KNOW the answers. Why are you trying to exaggerate...
  6. s3rius

    Gaming EA’s ability to enrage its own customers is a rare talent

    It's probably cheaper for EA to continue it's course than to try and actually polish up their public image.
  7. s3rius

    Sports Should US Olympians Pay Taxes on Medals?

    Please don't take things out of context. He was talking about his game project (which you brought up). He doesn't earn money with it so there's nothing to be taxed.
  8. s3rius

    Sports Should US Olympians Pay Taxes on Medals?

    Like what? Everyone who's "worth it" pays taxes. If a CEO of a big company does well and is rewarded for it, he pays taxes. If you win in a lottery, you'll have to pay taxes. Even the Obama family pays taxes. Prize money, at least in the US, is taxed. I don't see why Olympic medalists should...
  9. s3rius

    Crime How I lost my $50,000 Twitter username

    Because it's rare. That's all it needs to be worth a lot.
  10. s3rius

    I heard GOTO was bad, how about in this function?

    do{ actions } while (condition); === while(true){ actions if( !condition ) break; } :D
  11. s3rius

    General What were the parents thinking?

    I've seen more intimidating lurches from house cats.
  12. s3rius

    Sci/Tech Sugar battery offers hope of green-powered gadgets within three years

    I'm usually buying the cheapest I can find. But I only need them for clocks and previously for my mp3 player. I've found that the cheap ones give me better livetime per dollar than the good ones.
  13. s3rius

    Sci/Tech Sugar battery offers hope of green-powered gadgets within three years

    I read that, especially in the battery development, most inventions don't get into R&D because it's just not worth it. Experience has shown that people prefer to buy cheap short-living batteries rather than expensive long-living ones. These new technologies (not necessarily this one, but new...
  14. s3rius

    What does a good GUI toolkit need?

    I was just suggesting things that are interesting or useful for a nice GUI. And sliders are pretty neat. Regarding D&D - it depends on what you understand as D&D. I actually thought about being able to drag files from the explorer into the GUI (or certain compotents of it), like it's possible...
  15. s3rius

    What does a good GUI toolkit need?

    Drag&Drop support maybe? TileViews with icons and/or labels as list elements. Sliders. Some basic animations for buttons if you don't have already (hover/depress/normal states). Fade in/out animations for all kinds of UI elements.
  16. s3rius

    What does a good GUI toolkit need?

    What kind of GUI? Similar to the Windows GUI, with buttons and text labels and everything?
  17. s3rius

    Generating a Quadtree this way

    A few things: Quadtree::Quadtree (Quadtree * _parent, uint32_t _x, uint32_t _y) { Quadtree (); ... } This doesn't do what you think it does. I guess you want to call the default constructor for the object you are currently constructing. But what this actually does is...
  18. s3rius

    Generating a Quadtree this way

    It probably does. the level variable is a uint8_t, which is the same as a unsigned char. If you print chars via cout you're not going to get the integral representation, but the corresponding ASCII letter. Many ASCII letters cannot be displayed in the console (they end up being weird symbols or...
  19. s3rius

    Generating a Quadtree this way

    I'm tired and can't even comprehend half of what is said here, but you should try to avoid using new/delete (or malloc/free) where ever applicable. Rather, try to use std::array<> for arrays of static size and std::vector<> for arrays of dynamic size. They can be resized, they clean up memory...
  20. s3rius

    How about removing Null-Pointers from programming languages?

    One way or another, Maybe<T> would have to be used everywhere to guarantee valid objects or at least checking for such. The problem is less that Maybe<T> needs some extra code, but that there is no language feature in Java with which you can guarantee a reference to be valid.