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    Tutorial Zoom Tutorial

    In this tutorial i will be showing you how to get a good zoom system. (Like Maze of PPF/Murloc Slide etc) Important to know: This link will only work with the spesific command "-zoom " If you want another command, like Murloc Slide has "-cf " (camera field) you will have to do some changes in...
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    Tutorial The Perfect Escape Map w/Loust (+ convert w/Locust)

    Here is a tutorial how to make how to make a good slide map. You will get some steer/slide examples. Terrian Killer and also 2 ways to make Unit Killer. After this you will learn how to convert a map, the hard way but with locust and the easy way without locust. YOU NEED Frozen Throne Editor...
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    Using TFT features in ROC editor (Using .SLK's and WinMPQ)

    Do you have any idea how to make the Locust Ability work on RoC? I just can't figure it out :)
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    Warcraft III Converting

    Well i guess i don't have any clue.
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    Can only play some maps in RoC

    You are all wrong my friend :) Everyone can host on TFT if they can on RoC. The only thing is that 99% of Warcraft is now bots. and that is why no one joins ur games. Bots has the best autorefresher you can get. It "deletes" and "rehosts" the game very often. That makes the game come on top of...
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    Warcraft III Converting

    HeHe Well i guess u are a lot on this forum and not a lot in W3E. (just kidding) :) I know how to convert a map to RoC i done it many times.
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    Can only play some maps in RoC

    Hello everyone. I am just wondering. Have you guys ever heard of converting? Convert a RoC map to at TFT map? It is very simple and it works with many maps. That means that you can have TFT features on RoC. If you could not convert war3 maps to RoC 80% of the maps you play on RoC today would not...
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    Warcraft III Converting

    Hello everyone, i made a warcraft III map it is a slide map but i would also like this map to be able to be played on RoC (reign of chaos). But sice the units is not locust on RoC they have problems moving and they often stack or don't move at all. I know nomorholywar and others did this convert...