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  1. overload119

    Using the Data Editor's 'Turrets' on a Marine?

    No, turrets aren't used for that purpose. Turrets have to do with changing the actor's turret to 'look' at the unit it is firing. For attacking while moving, look at the Phoenix weapon, look under Flags. Phoenix' can attack while moving (they don't have turrets) and you should use them as a...
  2. overload119

    Scripting In Galaxy

    In the StarCraft 2 editor go to Save As... and save as a SC2ComponentList. This will make your map a folder where you can edit inside the MPQ essentially, without compressing/decompressing. Then go into the folder and look for MapScript.galaxy and just edit that in Notepad. You can also use...
  3. overload119

    StarCraft II Galaxy Editor Overview [VIDEO]
  4. overload119

    Galaxy Editor Pitfalls

    - Custom script is a joke, it lags like a mofo - Collapsed If/Then/Else will always be uncollapsed when you refresh the trigger
  5. overload119

    dialog item retrieve an image from a variable?

    If I understand what you mean, you want to create a variable of type Image? If so, Create a new variable. Select --File as the variable type. (It's at the top of the drop-down list along with Point, Integer, Player Group, etc) Then select Image as the File Type. Then you can assign it a...
  6. overload119

    Moonlite Map Studio open beta release

    I hope your next patch includes the external natives. I don't have GE open but like SetUnitInvulnerable and stuff uses a library, but isn't technically a native, but since the library is on all maps, you should include it in the syntax shit. And with code completion I hope you have a...
  7. overload119

    BlackHole project

    What do you mean by integrated? Converting to SC2Lib and having to import is hardly "integrated". Are you saying your thing is going to end up being like TESH? I'm just waiting on Vestras tool, which is being done in conjunction with Andromeda, so that it almost completely replaces the GE and...
  8. overload119


    Roads are purely aesthetics... They are just a feature of the terrain. Normally there would be no "nice" way of creating roads (creating roads through texture would be ugly, and be more time consuming). The tool is there to solve that.
  9. overload119

    Cooldown For Unit Ability function

    UnitAbilityGetCooldown( unit u, inAbility, inCooldown); It takes 2 strings. I put my ability in the first inAbility, but I don't know what inCooldown is supposed to be. The ability's ID did not work.
  10. overload119

    Scripting unit/behaviour/weapon/etc. data is possible

    Awesome, when is it coming out :)?
  11. overload119

    BlackHole project

    From what I understand this is just another language. I can't help but feel like most people are going to be more lenient towards Andromeda. The code -> Sc2 LIB is really helpful though.
  12. overload119

    Cooldown For Unit Ability function

    I'm trying to find out what the fields for this ability mean, or maybe I'm using the wrong function. I want to be able to get the current cooldown of an ability on a unit. This function takes a String for some reason, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to put in that field. Anyone know?
  13. overload119

    Scripting unit/behaviour/weapon/etc. data is possible

    This is what I mean by little tooltips that pop up when you put the first brackets in, it'll show.
  14. overload119

    How do you call your custom function?

    I made a library. The library has a custom function called Create Bar. How do I access it in my main map's triggers?
  15. overload119

    The use of Galaxy (written code)

    With no function list, it's kinda hard to get into. Also, I find that the text editor for Custom Script lags a little. Anyone else gets this interface lag? I'm on Windows 7 32b
  16. overload119

    Scripting unit/behaviour/weapon/etc. data is possible

    I am patiently waiting for your IDE. Is it going to be injectable into Galaxy editor. Don't tell me we have to alt-tab, and CnP all the time :( Code completion, and that thing TESH had where it outlines the methods? In that area, put a little description of what it does too? Please...
  17. overload119

    Make missile detonate upon impact of a wall

    This is intended. When you click, the Stalker shoots at a point that is [RANGE] away from the angle between the mouse and stalker unit. It only gets the XY of the mouse click to calculate the angle. It's actually using the ability at a different point. Yeah the validators only trigger at the...
  18. overload119

    Make missile detonate upon impact of a wall

    Great. I was actually just about to post this. It's the final public version of a map I'm going to work on. Move with WSAD, Left Click to attack, Right Click to use a special ability (for the Stalker hero it's Blink. It'll be different for the different units I plan on having)...