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  1. PureOwnage

    Windows 8

    Not at the moment. You always have to go into Metro to shutdown because there is no start button. Also, you have to return to Metro frequently.
  2. PureOwnage

    Windows 8
  3. PureOwnage

    Windows 8

    I'm not an expert but here's what I know. - Less resources used for Explorer - Faster startup - (Windows?) Marketplace - NO MORE START BUTTON
  4. PureOwnage

    Windows 8

    Actually you HAVE to start up in Metro mode (tile mode) and shut off in Metro. It's quite annoying. The only difference is that it basically starts up faster by around 20~ seconds more and also uses a bit less resources (CPU/RAM)
  5. PureOwnage

    Post your desktop!

    New desktop today.
  6. PureOwnage

    Post your desktop!

    It's still Windows. I'm just using Litestep as an alternative to Explorer. CD Art Display is the little tab thing to the right and the glass like box with the music info is Rainmeter.
  7. PureOwnage

    Post your desktop!

    Needs a revival.
  8. PureOwnage

    Post your desktop!

    If you want any specific ones from mine: Wallpaper: AndromedaMod Desktop Information Display: Rainmeter Music Info: CD Art Display Taskbar Icons: Token Icons Windows 7 Theme: Frost Aero
  9. PureOwnage

    Post your desktop!

    Changed it again.. Added a CAD and added a notes section in replacement of the old Music Player meter.
  10. PureOwnage

    Post your desktop!

    Would any of you guys suggest a dock application? (Rocketdock, Objectdock, NeXus)
  11. PureOwnage

    Post your desktop!

    I would use IconPackager or Microangelo but both of them are trial programs.
  12. PureOwnage

    Post your desktop!

    It's a 3rd party windows theme. If you really want it:
  13. PureOwnage

    Post your desktop!

    Just got in the spirit of cleaning my desktop today! I went for a minimalistic, Mac/Windows Hybrid theme using Rainmeter and a Theme Patcher.
  14. PureOwnage

    MvC3 - PHOENIX WRIGHT This video just convinced me to buy MvC3.
  15. PureOwnage

    Halloween Minigame

    Oh god more rep for you.
  16. PureOwnage

    Gaming on a budget.

    Personally, I just wait until the Steam Summer Sale, or look at the daily/weekend deals on Steam.
  17. PureOwnage

    Trying to Protect my Computer from my Brother

    Haha, my brother has made peace with me so this post is now irrelevant. This was before he got into college and had all of this stress and decided to vent it out on me. Now he's in NYC living the good old college life.
  18. PureOwnage

    Crime Female ‘vampire’ busted for trying to eat elderly man

    "I am Painis Cupcake, I will eat you!"
  19. PureOwnage

    Steam IDs/ Steam Group

    Much better! :thup: Welcome to the TH.Net Steam community.
  20. PureOwnage

    (2010) Spartacus: Blood and Sand

    Meh.. Already watched another version of Spartacus.. Don't need to see it again