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  1. shinami

    Weird Magnets prove homosexuality is unnatural Look how many species display homosexuality. Isn't that natural enough for you? Do you want plants to make gay love to each other to believe that it is a natural occurrence? ^ Mascots are usually at least likeable.
  2. shinami

    Weird Magnets prove homosexuality is unnatural

    God dammit FireCat can't you just ever shut up, haven't you noticed that everyone thinks you're an idiot? I very much hope that you've been trolling us all these years, I just can't accept that there would be someone as stupid as you. I'm not even talking about this gay stuff, every post you...
  3. shinami

    Health Can a Severed Head Live On?

    There used to be this video around youtube where Soviet doctors decapitate a monkey's head and since I saw it a long time ago I can't exactly remember what they did, but it was either a)They just kept the head alive with all sorts of things attached to it b)They transplanted it onto the body of...
  4. shinami

    US News US strike against Syria 'as early as Thursday'

    Thank you for your input, Firecat. As always, very informative. I did not know violence doesn't bring happiness.
  5. shinami

    US News US strike against Syria 'as early as Thursday'

    I actually wanted to include that as possible reasoning for the claim, but didn't want to spark a pointless argument by accident. A few years back I probably would've looked at this whole affair and gone 'meh, I don't care', but for some reason I've gotten really tired of hearing about all of...
  6. shinami

    US News US strike against Syria 'as early as Thursday'

    Let me start by saying I hate conspiracy theories. But this whole thing is very sketchy. Obviously usage of a chemical weapon would prompt such a reaction from the U.S as well as other western nations, so why would the Syrian government dig their own grave? Don't tell me because he's a "crazy...
  7. shinami

    Health Doctor Sanjay Gupta Publically Apologizes for being so wrong about Medical Marijuana

    Have you ever tried *gasp* alcohol? The same argument you're making can be applied to alcohol. I like to read about these types of stories where a person has a complete change of opinion regarding certain issues, and it's very interesting to hear what they have to say. I have tried marijuana...
  8. shinami

    Health Genetically Engineered Salmon Nears FDA Approval

    Reading Firecat's comments is the only reason I still visit the site. They used to make me sad, but not anymore. Now I've learnt to appreciate them for all their glory.
  9. shinami

    Domain name registrations that didn't make much sense to me.

    Despite what the author of that website thinks, Robot Unicorn Attack is not something you see when you're on acid. It's actually a very kick ass game for the manliest of men. The music alone got me addicted to the game. For anyone interested in the game...
  10. shinami

    Weird Denmark levies world's first fat tax

    Couple of years back, I would of thought "Wow they're really exaggerating this fatty problem", but nowadays I walk through the streets and see all the little kids - the future generation - and holy shit are they fat. 5-10 year old kids already looking like blobs. I don't mean regular chubby...
  11. shinami

    Crime Two Denver men charged after taking their dead friend for a ride

    Maybe that was his dying wish, and his friends wanted to carry it out.
  12. shinami

    Do you believe in Luck?

    ^ If he was "lucky" he wouldn't have gotten himself into a situation where he finds himself in a crushed vehicle. Look around you? Is there danger? Problems? Is stuff exploding around you and shit is flying everywhere? For most of you, probably not, so you might as well consider every person...
  13. shinami

    General As the crowd roars, cage fighters aged 8 and 9 do battle

    We'd do stuff like this with friends in the backyard or at school (fight each other I mean), it's just kids being kids taken to a little more extreme level.
  14. shinami

    UK News Psychic Sally Morgan hears voices from the other side (via a hidden earpiece).

    A Psychic turns out to be a fraud? :eek: Who would'a thunk? I actually applaud her. She got rich exploiting the stupid, that's something I admire.
  15. shinami

    General Deadly Crash at Reno Air Show

    Was hoping for a video. Sad thing, but still would've been an interesting sight. EDIT: Found it. I cringed watching it.
  16. shinami

    Are hairy arms/legs more resistant to mosquitoes?

    How much mosquitoes attack you have (if I recall correctly) something to do with your body odor.
  17. shinami

    Sci/Tech 'Game-changer' in evolution from S. African bones

    We should submit FireCat to the community of science, I think he's another transitional species.
  18. shinami

    Report SpongeBob in hot water from study of 4-year-olds

    There's just too much awesomness from the old Cartoon Network, I can't mention it all. Except Pokemon. Even when I was 4 I thought that was hell'a dumb.
  19. shinami

    Report SpongeBob in hot water from study of 4-year-olds

    That show is pretty entertaining, but it is pretty damn goofy. When I was a kid I watched Cartoon Network: Samurai Jack, Courage, Edd'Ed'n'Eddy and all that classic stuff.. Also there was this show Time Squad that actually thought me a good bunch of basic history, at least for a kid.