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  1. Nigerianrulz

    Crime Bride Aged 8 Dies After Suffering Internal Sexual Injuries During Wedding Night With Man, 40

    I come back to read this and got reminded of why i left the forum... this place used to be a good community without the trolls but now...
  2. Nigerianrulz

    My first official bootleg (song) preview :O

    soo hi there, if you were part of TH back in the days some of you would know i make music. It's been a long way since i've began and I'm starting to take it on a more professional basis and so i present to you my first official bootleg aka unofficial remix...
  3. Nigerianrulz

    General Australians Forced to Answer Questions About Sex Life

    its called the census that everyone in australia have to participate in... otherwise how do you think the government gets an idea of how the country is functioning... besides the results are anonymous, they aren't going to release individuals identity to the public so i dont get why people are...
  4. Nigerianrulz

    Crime Undercover police using dead children's identities was 'common practice' at Scotland Yard

    oh firecat, still the same as ever. You would think if they looked into who the person really is they would find out they are actually dead and the uncover cop would've dead before the family is.
  5. Nigerianrulz

    Crime Boy tried to rape and then shot dead his mom 'for taking away his Call of Duty video game'

    and then the media is going to be like "Video games makes people violent". What kind of mother buys her son a gun at 11 and allow their children to play a MA 15+ game. This is exactly whats wrong with the american society.
  6. Nigerianrulz

    Swarm Hosts op?

    The way to beat mass swarm hosts is to never let them mass in the first place -_- easier said than done but drops are the most effective counter to swarm hosts build. I am currently using this 2 base SH build against toss and at times terran and zerg and its extremely effective on most maps...
  7. Nigerianrulz

    Gaming Call of Duty “has almost ruined a generation of shooter players,” says Tripwire Interactive

    which is why COD is played mostly by 12 yr olds now.
  8. Nigerianrulz

    Unknown EDM Song in Video

    the chances of finding that song is high unlikely though i can tell its definitely a recent (anywhere from now to about 2/3 years ago) release of a house/deep house track. Go take a look on beatport for top house tracks for each month if you like that genre of music its worth a look to see if...
  9. Nigerianrulz

    Sci/Tech It's cheaper to fly to the USA, buy Adobe CS6, and fly back home than buy Adobe CS6 in Australia

    a large big mac meal in australia costs 8AUD. Large in aus = to a med size meal in US. if only piratebay provided food as well.
  10. Nigerianrulz

    Gaming "Warcraft" Movie Gets A Director

    Checks back to see this news. Sees firecat, leaves again. :rolleyes:
  11. Nigerianrulz

    My new youtube channel monthly house music :D

    gotta get with the new age you know :O
  12. Nigerianrulz

    My new youtube channel monthly house music :D

    But the music i post isn't dubstep. Soooooooooo :eek:
  13. Nigerianrulz

    My new youtube channel monthly house music :D

    is that suppose to imitate dubstep :O
  14. Nigerianrulz

    My new youtube channel monthly house music :D

    In the video? Well you can't please everyone :(
  15. Nigerianrulz

    My new youtube channel monthly house music :D

    The new mix for this month :D
  16. Nigerianrulz

    What's your plans for New Years Eve?

    go out, get smashed, return home?
  17. Nigerianrulz

    My new youtube channel monthly house music :D

    As you may have noticed before I've been busy with my music stuff and i've recently started a youtube channel dedicated to uploading new and old house music every month. So if you like some hectik progressive/electro house every month take a look :)
  18. Nigerianrulz


    Hi all :D, if you didn't know from before I've kinda recently transitioned into a house/trance producer and to complement that I've also gone into the field of being a DJ lately. So after a week of learning some of the craft this is my first set, hopefully this will be played in a lot more...
  19. Nigerianrulz

    World China: Mobs “Mistakenly Burn Down” Samsung Factory

    Thank you finally a post that understands me. I never said stop posting them but everyone acted like I'm trying to bring Tom down or something, i asked for a adjustment and i get attacked by pretty much everyone. Honestly i don't know if i would want to come back here again now after this.