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  1. Jayykob

    how can i use Green Tea AI un custom map

    Bump. A tip: Begin with learning some grammar :P
  2. Jayykob

    Help with Spawn/create-move trigger to properly work.

    This trigger is sooo broken. However i want to have a trigger that instantly moves the created unit to a point, like a battle arena. And I want it to work for all races. Team one unit spawn-move Events Unit - Any Unit creates a unit with ability Any or behavior Any Local...
  3. Jayykob

    Spell trigger/floating text constant moves upwards

    I'm creating a spell Which does more damage the bigger the difference between the attacking unit and the attacked units mana: Oversmart Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions ((Attacking unit) has Oversmart ) Equal to True Actions Trigger - Add...
  4. Jayykob

    Checking level of ability?

    Hi! I just wondered how to correctly check the level of an ability? I've trying to do it for about 5hrs now... :banghead: +rep :thup:
  5. Jayykob

    Planting a Tree per Spell

    try to base the spell on pocket factory, which creates a dummy? pocket factory should be based to select a correct 'point of ability being used'?
  6. Jayykob

    problem with animations

    Use the Action in Trigger editor, unit - freeze? mby?
  7. Jayykob

    Sliding Ability

    Hi all helpers! I'm trying to make a hero ability that makes the hero slide at the movement speed of 600 and and for 4/5/6/7 seconds. (dependable on the skill level) The hero's movement animation is also playing while sliding, like he's is moving at 600 ms, and he can stop and turn around...
  8. Jayykob

    Custom spell(dummy problem)

    "That" unit? what are you talking about, if you're going to start threads you should be more exact about what you are talking about.. These kind of threads are not OK...
  9. Jayykob

    Multi board

    The |c"00"ff0000 The first 0's must be f's as they respond to the text's trancparency, you have selected total transparency with red? It's like invisble red :P Just change it into |cffff0000 (thup) If you want to change colours in OE, you need the |r after the selected text to be...
  10. Jayykob

    Some simple questions

    ty alot ^^ rep+
  11. Jayykob

    Some simple questions

    It's a hero spell, which slows the AS and MS for 4 seconds: Level 1: -10AS% -5MS% Level 2: -20AS% -10MS% Level 3: -30AS% -15MS% Level 4: -40AS% -20MS% And as example level 4 hits two times within 2 seconds. The total slow is now 40 / 2 + 40 = -60AS% 20 / 2 + 20 = -30MS% And after...
  12. Jayykob

    Some simple questions

    ok ty :P
  13. Jayykob

    Timer Problem

    Hope this will help :thup: The Spawn_timer is a variable with the type of timer, and the Initial value as New Timer (default) Start Timer Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Wait 0.01 seconds Countdown Timer - Start Spawn_Timer as a One-shot timer...
  14. Jayykob

    Some simple questions

    Here's another question: How do I do to check if a unit has a buff, (trigger)?:confused:
  15. Jayykob

    Some simple questions

    Thx, ill try, But, i want to sword to be a separate model file (.mdx .mdl) :thup: plz :D And the unit is based from Male Villager
  16. Jayykob

    Some simple questions

    1.I've trying to make a spell based on bash, but instead of stunning with a percentage of chance. I want it slow AS and MS for 4 seconds, and if another succesfull "bash" it would stack and slow the unit with 50% more for 4 more seconds. I think is based on giving the attacked unit a buff, and...
  17. Jayykob


    Just make players 1-11 to same team?
  18. Jayykob

    Welcome to the village error

    Try to make a condition that checks if the triggering unit equal to a "mirror image" equal to false. or sumthing like that :thup:
  19. Jayykob

    Breaking the 522 speed limit

    I would gladly know how to do that trigger ;), + rep for the one who helps me :thup:
  20. Jayykob

    Higher movement speed than 522?

    Simply ordering unit to move