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  1. Larcenist

    Moar MSN, less TH.

    Moar MSN, less TH.
  2. Larcenist

    Long time no see. You still hang around here?

    Long time no see. You still hang around here?
  3. Larcenist

    Fecker still hanging about here, forgetting all about me.

    Fecker still hanging about here, forgetting all about me.
  4. Larcenist

    Other XANID (The Platformer)

    Just pass it off as air resistance and it makes sense :D > PS: Someone should teach me alphabets, it should be 0.0.F right now. Somehow this would have more impact if it wasn't you who did it. Nice to see you keep failing until the end :D
  5. Larcenist

    Null and Leaks

    The leaks are basically the same as your GUI leaks (locations, groups etc). You have to null local variables "pointing" to certain handles. Take units for example; say you create some dummy unit in a local unit variable and adds an expiration timer, the variable will still point towards this...
  6. Larcenist

    Auto Cast question

    If the spell order is a target spell (Storm Bolt, Chain Lightning etc). Certain spells are no order targets (war Stomp, Thunderclap etc) and then there are point orders as well. Custom spells use the base spell as order, and triggered spells with Channel as base use the "order ID" when issued.
  7. Larcenist

    Question about rules?

    That would be the idea behind the whole bumping thing. This doesn't mean that you should bump some useless thread just because 24 hours have passed of course.
  8. Larcenist

    Question about rules?

    You can write whatever you fancy, though "bump" seems like the easiest thing to write.
  9. Larcenist

    Question about rules?

    Where you, after a minimum timespan of 24 hours, in the case no one answered your questions post a simple "bump" or similar in your thread to move it to the top of the thread list, giving it the attention it should have.
  10. Larcenist

    Never Works

    exitwhen i == DUMMYAMOUNT + 1 Shouldn't that simply be == DUMMYAMOUNT, since you start with i == 0? Also there is a bj_PI which seems kind of easier to write than just some utterly useless extra long value for pi (3.1415926535 or whatever). > Can you just fast tell me how to implent it...
  11. Larcenist

    New map: Good vs Evil

    You should see my spells for my AoS :( Some codes have like 16-17 hours of blood, sweat, tears and coffee devoted to them (and the result is often something quite simple, but since the base abilities had some minor feature I disliked I had to go through the trouble of coding them all)...
  12. Larcenist

    New map: Good vs Evil

    Then starting with the general plot should be easy and good.
  13. Larcenist

    New map: Good vs Evil

    Starting off with a script makes the rest easier, then again you did not state what kind of map it is. When it comes to the WE-related parts, at least a terrain foundation is good to begin with. Heroes should obviously come before abilities since it would make little sense if the abilities...
  14. Larcenist

    I need help from experts

    Never once did he mention the disease. Regardless of which one you meant it provided nothing at all to the thread, which I personally think was what Chaos_Knight commented on. As for Kazansky, figured I might point out that the Projectile Speed in question related to my previous post is (as...
  15. Larcenist

    Question about SetUnitAnimationByIndex()

    Different units have different indexes, you can display it in game with a short test snippet looking something like this: function IndexTest takes nothing returns nothing local integer i = 0 loop exitwhen i > 15 call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(UnitVariable, i)...
  16. Larcenist

    first struct spell not working.

    You can just create it the following way: globals private group gg = CreateGroup() endglobals The thing you're doing wrong now is that you're using the struct group for enumaration, don't do this. Only use the global one for this purpose (note that you clear the group when you call...
  17. Larcenist

    Will this work?

    I'm not sure how constant double freeing of locations and similar affects the game, since it's just plainly dumb to do to begin with. It would remove your locations and groups, but the better alternative is to do it correctly, within the trigger using them.
  18. Larcenist

    Will this work?

    It would all depend on what you mean with "work". It will compile, though it will constantly try to remove locations that do not exist, and destroy groups that are not there. If you for some unfathomable reason want to achieve this, then by all means it "works".
  19. Larcenist

    SE talktome make it visible only for player 1

    function CreateEffectForPlayer takes string path, player p, real x, real y returns nothing if (GetLocalPlayer() != p) then set path = "" endif call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffect(path, x, y)) endfunction path would be the special effect path: "My//SFX//Path.mdl" or...
  20. Larcenist

    Will this work?

    Why would you even consider doing that? Just clean the leaks whenever you create them, something like this should not be done.