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  1. Oninuva

    [Android / iOS] Stone Age

    Just wanted to share another game thewrongvine and I made together, Stone Age. This time we made a survival game where you hurl giant boulders to defend your family from wild animals. There are different power ups and challenges that you will encounter as you progress in the game. This time we...
  2. Oninuva

    [Android] Rover - Puzzle Game

    Just wanted to share a new game that thewrongvine and I have just released. It's a simple yet challenging puzzle game. Hope you guys enjoy it. Feel free to write us a review if you had fun! Take control of Rover and his friends as they embark on a mission through space! The objective is...
  3. Oninuva

    [Android] Run Run

    Just wanted to share our free android game called Run Run made with libGDX. I made it together with thewrongvine and it's our first game made with libGDX. To play use the on screen joystick and shield button to activate shields. The objective is to dodge obstacles and reach the next...
  4. Oninuva

    Guild Wars 2

    It's a sequel to the first guildwars MMORPG. It's pretty fun, feel free to check out my guild wars 2 review if you wish. It's way different from the first.
  5. Oninuva

    TH Mini-Tournament Series #4 (1v1) [RESULTS]

    Haha I don't think that counts.. we need to play a best of three :thup:
  6. Oninuva

    TH Mini-Tournament Series #4 (1v1) [RESULTS]

    Sure, hit me up :thup: Jonathan, 885
  7. Oninuva

    TH Mini-Tournament Series #4 (1v1) [RESULTS]

    Was it too late to join the north america bracket..
  8. Oninuva

    TH Mini-Tournament Series #4 (1v1) [RESULTS] ID: Jonathan Race (Ether Terran, Protoss, Zerg or Random): Zerg Realm: NA Timezone (Base it off of GMT): EST Country (Optional) USA
  9. Oninuva

    Star Wars: The Old Republic Release Info!!!

    Read more here. Game is scheduled to be released sometime this year! :thup::thup: Anyone else excited for SWTOR?
  10. Oninuva

    Reporter swallows fly

    Haha, nice share!
  11. Oninuva

    What are you listening to right now? The Archive!
  12. Oninuva

    Sci/Tech Usage-Based Billing Hits Canada: Say Goodbye To Internet Innovation Not sure how that isn't legit, also not sure how they'll do anything at all to you with a postal code.
  13. Oninuva 2010 Video Game Awards

    FIFA 11 by far, <3.
  14. Oninuva

    25 things to keep in mind when buying a domain name.

    So any tips for when you really really can't find a good name for a topic that's overly popular? Besides well, finding something else to build a site on? :P
  15. Oninuva

    Poll: Have you ever consider yourself an all-time SC2 Custom Game player?

    Pretty sure that anyone that's good at Ladder or Melee would have no problem at all playing custom games.
  16. Oninuva

    Discussion: Starting and Maintaining a Forum

    Starting a forum is as simple as starting up your own "free site" by yourself or even as much as purchasing a license for software such as vBulletin. Each method is still considered starting a forum and a forum is nothing really more than a place for discussion. But what's the secret method for...
  17. Oninuva

    Bought a VPS - Now What To Do With It

    You bought a server without planning on using it for anything? If it's a VPS and you aren't utilizing it, you could probably fly with Shared Hosting to save money. It's though to find someone who want's to split the cost though cause it's simply just Shared Hosting for them. :P
  18. Oninuva

    vB 4 Upgrade

    Not a fan of the theme. The text does not read well with the background (not dark enough). :(
  19. Oninuva

    Can you Two-man the Whale Shark?

    What does he drop?
  20. Oninuva

    project help, "mana" ratio, and testing

    All abilities have a % cost of base mana..