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  1. Avaleirra

    I'm back. For blood.

    I'm back. For blood.
  2. Avaleirra

    Back to mapping

    So it has now been three years since I last logged onto At the time I was using the wc3 world editor. I'm just wondering how different the SC2 map editor is compared to the wc3 one and how hard it will be for me to adapt (extremely rusty)
  3. Avaleirra

    PvP Gear to be more accessible

    Must not start playing again..... Ahhhh!!
  4. Avaleirra

    Laptop wont sleep when the lid is closed

    If you're using vista, sleep doesn't actually turn off your computer. It's like locking it just only it stops running programs. If you want it to keep info and shut off use hibernate.
  5. Avaleirra

    Starcraft Image Poll

    Crap voted for wrong one. Can I get my vote back?
  6. Avaleirra

    Buying Abilities

    Ok thanks guys.
  7. Avaleirra

    Female Ghost

    Dat ass. also reminded me of samus.
  8. Avaleirra

    Buying Abilities

    Hi I was wondering if someone could recommend a tutorial for me for buying abilities. Thanks
  9. Avaleirra

    Starcraft Image Editing Contest

    If it isn't good enough then I will be amazed. Im pretty sure all of us are hoping for the top 3.
  10. Avaleirra

    Crime Security Stepped Up at Comedy Central Following Threats Against 'South Park'

    I like how this was what the latest episode was all about.
  11. Avaleirra

    Health Deadly New Fungus Emerging in Oregon Expected to Spread

    Uhh... I live pretty nearby in Canada. Damn.
  12. Avaleirra

    How do I make spells / abilities have a chance to critical strike?

    If this is for all spells this will not be easy. You will need a system that detects damage from your spells. Therefore every single spell you make will have to be triggered to this system and if you already have spells you'll have to redo all of them. And the above posters won't work. E.g...
  13. Avaleirra

    Starcraft Image Editing Contest

    Here is mine. Mine Originals It's my first time editing an image. EDIT: just realized how shabby it looks :(
  14. Avaleirra

    gamestop giving beta keys to those who per-order

    How come they're giving away beta keys but not Battletoads?
  15. Avaleirra

    lol, I've had that for a while :P. But thanks anyways :)

    lol, I've had that for a while :P. But thanks anyways :)
  16. Avaleirra

    [REP SYSTEM] Unfair

    You get rep when you deserve it. /thread
  17. Avaleirra

    [RESULTS POSTED] The Tower Contest - The 5th Iteration

    ok, I think I'll sit out of this one then :P
  18. Avaleirra

    [RESULTS POSTED] The Tower Contest - The 5th Iteration

    Huh, another tower contest. Can I use EGUI?
  19. Avaleirra

    Crime iPad Thief Rips Off Victim's Pinky, Too

    The guy tore off somebody's finger for a fancy dinner plate? :rolleyes:
  20. Avaleirra

    Sci/Tech Cat Brain Inspires Computers of the Future

    Will my computer attempt to kill my mouse?