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    Detecting ability used(Orb of lightning)

    IS there a way to refer to an orb of lightning effect in triggers?
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    How do I create a non-stackable but MUI healing over time spell?

    well you could still make it with an ability. MAke 200 levels and increase healed value every level and then just set the level of the amount it should heal. then you made the spell MUI.
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    Detection of Spell

    I had the same problem i ended up in Running an integertimer in the triggers, to check it.
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    All possible Orders?

    Hey i want an event that fires everytime a unit does something related to spells. Its a hero. And I want to avoid giving it ward classification. So please list all Orders possible. "patrol" "stop" "move" "attack move" or is it "attack, move" "attack" "smart" "hold position" "stop" any one i...
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    Damage Aura

    nope but lets say you make an uppgrade with 100 Levels then on 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17 you set unable attack. and on 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 you enable attack again then you just lvl it up when your unit enters and leaves.
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    Multicast Trigger problem

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    Damage Aura

    Why not use an uppgrade that unables attacks. and then uppgrade again to enable it.
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    DRAGON BALL Z Skills

    Lol i just went in hiveworkshop pressed on spells and i didnt even have to search for it it was at the top of the list. probably is about 10 versionn in the helpers resources also.
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    Multicast Trigger problem

    oke but how to fix the other problem?
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    Multicast Trigger problem

    srry noob at jass, what is "dummy", "d." and "caster" Dummy and caster are local unit variables? Btw Chain lightning didnt work either so far only breath of fire worked i think it might have to do with it being point target ability. so any idea why the unit target and instant abilities dont...
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    Clear String

    oke thanks :)
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    Is it possible? (hunt spell in gui)

    Info on how its working? not everyone play dota.
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    Clear String

    becoz Im using units to order them to do the string order.
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    Multicast Trigger problem

    NEed help why isnt this working this is my multicast trigger to make even heroes be able to all cast same time. MultiCast Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions Actions Set Group = (Units in (Playable map area) matching ((((Matching unit) is...
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    Clear String

    LOl i just searched and could find anything which i find strange. How to clear a string variable? Its a global String variable i want nulled or cleared, and i guess i throw in the question in how the nulling of global unit variables looks? Might be solved.. if the right answer is: set...
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    Ideas for animal heros

    Name Tora ge akita.( Bear dog) Description Dog that uses its speed to kill other animals. Strength 15 agility 22 Intelligence17 (optional) Comments Can learn the Zetzu tenrou batoouga. Critical strike. Evasion.
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    object editor

    Try making this spell. Name:Difm spell Description: its point target and you click the unit and you swap place with it. Spell 2 hold Use arieal shakles as base and make it effect ground and try make it look cooler.
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    The Spell Idea Thread

    Name: Enrage Type: Instant, Buff Targets: Self Description: Units that are enraged takes damage inflicted on itself and converts it to bonus damage. Extra 1: Attacks power stack up. (e.g. enemy unit strikes once dealing 40. the enraged unit converts 25% and gets 10 Bonus damage, Enemy strikes...
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    Making a HERO-UNIT

    oke Good idea :). ty I'll trigger it
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    Making a HERO-UNIT

    Yea thanks :), but now i have another issue I want to be able to mass select these heroes and order them to cast the same ability but they wont :/. the spell is supposed to create real illusions that can cast spells and i want to be able to cast simultaneously with them.