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    thank you for your help,I am grateful for it.As it turns my lack of experience with triggers...

    thank you for your help,I am grateful for it.As it turns my lack of experience with triggers made me once again seem like an idiot compared to other mappers.I really have a hard time makeing triggers,no matter if it's GUI(I meant clasic trigers,I also tend to forget the diference betwen GUI and...
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    Need some suggestions and/or help with a new ORPG project I'm creating

    Hmm I have some ideas for heroes.I never played the Black Road so I am makeing these heroes based on the curent formula(level max=10,therefore 3 skills with 3 levels and one ultimate) Red Dragonflight agent:Kidney Shot,Fire Lasso,Fire Breath,Half Dragon Transformation Kidney Shot:grants an X%...
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    Hy,remember me,you were helping me make a Stance Change spell.When you helped me you didn't have...

    Hy,remember me,you were helping me make a Stance Change spell.When you helped me you didn't have the editor when you made a sample triger on the forums for me.Well I am having a hard time trying to recreate the trigers you wrote and I was wondering if you could make a sample map for me.I would...
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    Need help with Ultimate

    The Spell is called Suzaku Sky Dance and it's based off elmstfreddie's Multi-Slash Spell.What I can't seem to find on the through out the tutorials of this site is how to make both the caster and the target to go in the air,and then when multi slash ends to make both units land and make the...
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    Triger Leak?

    Hmm,I don't think I started working on my respawn triger acording to your triger,without another triger to control it,if my hero dies in two handed sword mode/1 sword mode and then he revies in 2 sword mode/dualwielding sword mode (both names are good feel free to use whichever you...
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    Is it Bad?

    My skill level is as (be)low as hell can be.
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    Triger Leak?

    Umm the spell belive or not is exactly what I need,diference is mone uses 6 diferent spells(2 per rank of style change)+the map is similar to dota,as far as the terain and the goal goes,however I find this map with one level above dota due to the more complex item recepe sistem(based on 2...
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    Triger Leak?

    hmm so this skill is for a togleable ability like Immolation,right?Hmm I was using Robo-Goblin,the ultimate of Thinker because its a permanent Methamorphosis,meaning all I had to do was add via triger only the abilities needed for the heros curent model(which is the elf on the right)then when...
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    Is it Bad?

    Is it bad to set 2 abilities of a unit to go off at the same time by setting the Order String of both abilities to the same values.I have a roar spell and a howl of terror spell whose "Text - Order String - Use /Turn On(aord)" is roar.If it's bad then can someone explain me how to make double...
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    Triger Leak?

    Let me show you the unit for whom I made this ability this will make things clearer: The problem with my triger is that it needs spellbooks,because I can't add more than one...
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    Triger Leak?

    If the triger is good and it dosen't leak could someone at least say I could try something else to fis my map other than tampering with that thing?
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    I can learn very fast if you help me learn.

    I can learn very fast if you help me learn.
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    Triger Leak?

    Hy I just made a trigered spell for a hero of mine called Style Change.The spell was desinged to add 3 weapon skills to a unit.The spell itself is based of Robo Goblin,so that the player can change the 3 skills gained from my triger with 3 diferent skills.I have 2,posibly 3 problems with this...
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    Arthas skin?(human wielding frostmourne)

    If you want to make a skin off arthas then that skin will alter both Arthas with mace and Arthas with Frostmourne.So if you want to edit only frostmourne,add Frostmourne to the image extractor to make a skin ONLY FOR FROSTMOURNE.Else,add Arthas to image extractor.Hope that helped if not feel...
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    Custom Sound Sets

    +rep to you as soon as I can wizle
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    Custom Sound Sets

    Is it possible to make custom sound sets in the Warcraft 3 editor without replacing old ones?
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    How to: Use Custom Unit Sounds

    Nice tutorial. But I have a question for you: there is possible to make a custom sound set whitout replacing an existent one?
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    Spell Deflect

    this dosen't work with my version of warcraft 3:1.24 I advise anyone who has his map based on the 1.24 or higher not to bother with this spell.
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    Spell Armor Crush

    I've set your spell to // Chance to cast Armor Crush private function Chance takes integer level returns integer return 100 endfunction AND IT DIDN'T WORK the v 1.5 version,if that wasnt the way to set it to 100% then I'm sorry for being new to jass,still learning by...
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    Tampering with trigers

    I said this so often in other threads that I should make it my sig,I am a triger-idiot,I don't always know what I am doing in trigers,how do I set custom arrays?