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    Checking level of ability?

    It's conditions>Integer comparison If level of (Your ability) Equal to (The level you want to check for) then Actions.

    I think I corrupted my map

    If you can't fix your map, look in the wc3 folder called Test. Many times the latest version of your map is in there.

    Need abilities for elemental heroes

    Lord of Lightning Fists of Thunder: (Passive) Summons an uncontrolled orb that flies around the hero, passively shocking any nearby enemies. Each level summons an additional orb, increases the orbs size and thus the range of its shock, the visual size of the orb, the distance it travels around...

    Adding range

    Ok, first off, in object editor, give your hero the upgrade your using in, "Upgrades Used". Then, with triggers, make it like this: (Freehanded btw) Event - A unit learns a skill Conditions - Learned hero skill equal to (Your ability) Actions- Set level of(Your upgrade) for triggering...

    Krobelus locust.

    Krobelus's ghosts attack random targets, just like Crypt Lord's ult. If you are attacking a lone target, the ghosts will swarm to it, because it is the only detected enemy, instead of scattering around like they would normally do in a large battle.

    Why doesn't Chemical Rage give your hero a buff?

    It actually does have a buff, the buff changes the name on the timer bar for how long Chemical Rage lasts. If you want an actual visual buff, your going to have to have a dummy unit cast one on the hero, which is a simple 3-5 line trigger...

    What Map To Make!? Please Help!

    Make a kind of map nobody else has ever made before, I'm tired of these maps being basically the same thing, just altered because the makers are lazy and unoriginal.

    hero ability suggestions, theme DEATH

    LOL!!!! Sorry but I have to +rep for that. Anyway, heres a passive ability: Curse of Undeath Whenever an allied unit dies within a certain range of he hero, it's soul flees back to the hero, regenerating a small portion of his health and mana. (I was thinking this would look like the...

    Pa's Blurr Ability Dota?

    Is this your ability's raw code? Make sure it is, and not just the example's.
  10. I_RULE_YOU

    Hero Names

    The game automatically selects a random name from the list of names given. As for making it so when a hero has the same name there is no, "II", my only suggestion is that you add other names with spaces in front or something..
  11. I_RULE_YOU

    Hero Names

    You want the map to never, ever, have the hero get a certain name twice? You mean like, you want the map to randomly select a name from your list of names, or do you want it to never in its entire history of being played has a hero with the same name twice? Or do you just want 2 heroes to never...
  12. I_RULE_YOU

    Warrior spell help

    That sounds very hard, maybe you could have a detection system that checks if the unit the hero is fighting was damaged by damage type spells or magic in the 30 seconds before its death? That sounds the easiest way I can think of....
  13. I_RULE_YOU

    Dummy Aura

    The only thing I can thing of is that the enemy is Neutral Passive, and thus has no enemies or friends :D Try making it Neutral Hostile. Btw, great idea with having the rain slow everyone on the map. Never heard of that before.
  14. I_RULE_YOU

    Warrior/Tank/Barbarian Spell ideas

    Mana Rage - The hero receives a small amount of mana whenever he is damaged, (E.G: The hero is attacked by a creep and is dealt 10 damage, and thus receives 2 mana). Mana per damage ratio increases per level. Charge of Desolation - When activated, the hero runs at maximum speed forward in the...
  15. I_RULE_YOU

    How to make buildings unaffected by Thorns Aura?

    .........Um, what? Thats an Oxymoron....... Anyway, aren't buildings, especially ranged ones, not damaged from Thorns Aura?
  16. I_RULE_YOU

    Map Loading time.

    The largest increaser of a maps loading time, by far, is custom models. The way to decrease a maps load time tremendously is with a Widgetizer, its a program you can download from online which converts your world editor files into widget form, making them much easier to be loaded. You must...
  17. I_RULE_YOU

    Help with Selling Items

    I happen to know the maker of this thread and am also working on the same map with them, so maybe I can clear this up. Everything in the map works fine, except for 1 problem. There are 2 modes in the map, an AP mode and an AR mode. When the AR mode is chosen, you are unable to pawn items for...
  18. I_RULE_YOU

    Help with Selling Items

    He wants to see your AR mode trigger.
  19. I_RULE_YOU

    Super necromancy

    Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units in (Playable map area) matching (((Matching unit) is alive) Not equal to True)) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions...
  20. I_RULE_YOU

    I need a unit that walks on the ground to appear like it's flying.

    By the Movement section, look for Elevation.