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    Play offline w/o launching from the editor?

    Drag and drop the map file onto StarCraft II.exe. This works on Windows, it should work on Mac too. afaik though it runs it the same as from the editor, so you cant test lag or anything, it just saves you having to open galaxy editor to play something.
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    Tutorial Repository - Starcraft 2 Editor

    heres a good tutorial on how to make the uberlisk from blizzard's editor video. Its quite lengthy, but teaches you how to create site operation actors for making attachments...
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    Starcraft 2 Game Strategies

    Race:Protoss Concept:Force field walls Any Meaningful Details:this is much more effective against zerg as they have more melee units and roaches only have a short range. The basic idea is to have the bulk of your army made up of sentries and stalkers. Then use force fields to create a...
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    Premium Maps/effect on the community.

    As far as i know its blizzard who decide whether or not a map is worthy of being premium. Also premium maps will only be maps that are pretty much a brand new game just using the SC2 engine, much like Counterstrike was for halflife.
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    Game Stop Release Date

    My guess is June 27th, but at the moment thats all anyone can do, guess.
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    Starcraft II Modification: Dark Protoss Visual Add-on

    Ive just found out how to get them working without re-importing them into the base.mpq file. It turns out that SC2 will read textures straight from the directory before it checks the mpq. So all you need to do is put the textures (in .dds format) into the following directory 'StarCraft II...
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    Tutorial Skins - Reskinning SC2 Units

    all textures are .dds, models are .m3, audio is .ogg (type of wav file afaik), video is .ogv
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    Starcraft II Modification: Dark Protoss Visual Add-on

    I had planned on doing this once I found out how to make files work without importing them back into the original mpq. so I could upload a small mpq for peopoel to DL and put in the right directory. I'll let you know if I work it out.
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    Tutorial Skins - Reskinning SC2 Units

    nothing I suppose, you'd just have to work out all the files you need and the file paths for the mpq.
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    The First UMS has been Released...

    there is a version 6.0 and 6.1 now and imo version 5.0 is about the level of AI in SC1 and is not too hard I can beat it 90% of the time. 6.1 however is much harder.
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    Any idea if?

    Im planning to investigate this by looking at the dark templar models seeing as there are 2 different ones. But my first step is to try and get skin changes working from a seperate file rather than editing the base.mpq. That way you can swap files in and out of the directory to play with a...
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    Tutorial Skins - Reskinning SC2 Units

    nah you need to reimport, while I was figuring out how to do this i tried just putting it in the same directory and it didnt work. i think it might be something to do with the .mpq being labled as a .SC2Assets file
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    Tutorial Skins - Reskinning SC2 Units

    Hi I havent been on these forums since I quit playing WC3, but now SC2 is nearing release I thought I'd swing buy and post this tutorial about reskinning SC2 that I worked out toady. (I used to have the username Mullit for anyone who remembers me) Re-skinning Starcraft 2 Units and Buildings...