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  1. Grymlax

    US News NASA launches super-size Mars rover to red planet

    found this video about the rover
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    World What's wrong with eating dog meat?

    personally I don't have a problem with people eating dogs. I've actually read that pigs are smarter than dogs when it comes to problem solving, so in that way I think its worse to eat pigs. Just too bad that bacon tastes sooo good.
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    US News Woman's body kept in Sun City Center condo freezer more than a decade

    assuming she was the same age as her husband she would have been around 75 at the time of her dissaperance. chances are she didn't have any family left.
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    Another Base Spell

    Maybe I'm missunderstanding you but there is no active non-autocast attack modifier in the game. sure you don't want a passive one? Othervise i guess you would have to trigger it. Edit: An easy way to trigger it would be to base your spell on a active ability, when casted you create a dummy...
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    how to open a melee map?

    nvm found where they were. thx anyway guys.
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    HoN 10 days free to play

    In celebration of it's 1 year anniversary (HoNiversary) Heroes of Newerth has a 10 days free to play deal right now (from may 13 to may 22). Just thought I should tell you guys incase someone has been intrested in trying it out or if you have not played it since the beta ended. All you have to...
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    how to open a melee map?

    I can't seem to locate the melee maps on my computer. Do I have to download them to open them with the editor? if so where can I do that? I am specifically intrested in "metalopolis". Any help is appreciated
  8. Grymlax

    Is it possible to use triggers or something to change a spell's icon based on level?

    it might be easier to use the ability engineering upgrade. you can hide it with a disabled spellbook. This way has te advantage of not screwing with cooldowns. (don't know how your current trigger works)
  9. Grymlax

    Crime Wife got in parting shot before Husband Shot and killed her

    yeah I understood that. but then right after he tries to finnish himself off only to miss. clearly the killing shot towards his wife must have been a lucky/unlucky shot if he cant even land a bullet aiming at himself.
  10. Grymlax

    Crime Wife got in parting shot before Husband Shot and killed her

    how do you miss when you try to shoot yourself? I mean its not like you have to aim or anything.
  11. Grymlax

    Bridge Length

    you could try using invisible platforms, just place them where you want your bridge to expand to.
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    How to copy, rotate and paste (units)?

    your example doesn't make much sense, how is it rotated? the X1 is still on the same location and X2 and X3 just switched places. thats not a rotation as far as i can see. however, if it really is a rotation you want then this is how you do it: Hold down shift and click with you mouse to...
  13. Grymlax

    Item with 5 Abilities?

    try this trigger instead I've tried it so I know it works. oblivionstaffint is an integer variable. item merge Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to OblivionStaff Actions Set...
  14. Grymlax

    Crafting in unit with 3 buttons

    there are only a few abilities for who you can change the order id. two of them are Channel and Spell book. of the top of my head, here are a couple of spells you could use as a substitute for thunder clap: war stomp Roar taunt fan of knives slam
  15. Grymlax

    angles of a triangle

    thanks guys I'll see if I can get it to work.
  16. Grymlax

    angles of a triangle

    how do i check the angles of a triangle consisting of three points. for example lets say we have three units standing on the map creating a triangle (stading on each corner). how would i do to check the angle of (A)
  17. Grymlax

    face Angle (Instantly) or don't turn at all ?

    you could make an invisible dummy unit who do all the walking and then you just move the block to its position with a periodic trigger.
  18. Grymlax

    how do i remove shadows of deleted doodads

    go to "file" and then under save map there is a Calculate shadows and save map. use that.
  19. Grymlax

    Item Icon Cooldown

    The cooldown of the item is adjusted by the item ability. If you have given the item multiple abilitys you need to set the one with the cooldown at the top of the list.
  20. Grymlax

    Adding +1 damage for each attack

    Adding an inventory slot is the way to go if you don't want it to be green bonus damage. here is a test map I made for you that is mui. these are the triggers in the map. bonus dmg Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Unit-type of (Attacking unit)) Equal to...