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    Icon Snake Dagger

    Hi, I come back to edit W3 again, thanks for the comments!! Snake Dagger Fifth Icon! PATHS: ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNSnakeDagger.blp ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\DISBTNSnakeDagger.blp Hope you like! Feel free to change the name but don't alter any...
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    Radar icon

    Here you go:
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    Simple visibility - black mask trigger

    Uhg.. Man, the Black Mask will hides all visibility modifications.. So In the World Editor go to Scenario - Map Options - In the first boxes deactivate " The hidden areas are partially visible" (the second box) Also remove the Visibility - enable black mask And, please, use tags!!([wc3 [/wc3)
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    Simple visibility - black mask trigger

    I THINK you need to change the across (Playable map area) because it will hide the nexts or previous changes of visibility, so, change Playable map area to an area around the teamArea2.
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    Help With My Two Spells Please

    In the first spell change to this: Enchanted Ward Cast Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Enchanted Ward Actions Set L = (Position of (Triggering...
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    Problem with Mana regeneration!

    I think is for the amount of mana is regenerate from the fountain, if the number regenerate is minor than the mp removed every second, never can increase his mp. Or you can create an boolean who says when the hero is near an fountain and stop the mp removed every second. After when, that hero...
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    Animation String Arthas

    For Arthas, you can use "attack" or "spell" (without quotes)
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    map size effect lag

    480 x 480 is too high, and when you adds some doodads and destructables, it's worse, but this happens in the beginning and when a inmense trigger is run(GUI). Whenever you add more GUI triggers, more lag place to the map.
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    Alternative Activation

    Make an ability and set in "Stats - Ability of Item to "True" (i have the world editor in spanish language but i try to write in english). After this, go to the item and in Abilities - Abilities and set the ability before i said. Understand?
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    Building that spawns units

    Events Time - Every 0.04 seconds Conditions Actions Unit - Create 5 for Player UnitCreep in Point facing FacePoint 5 is the cantity of the creeps to create Player is the owner of the units will be created UnitCreep is the unit type of the creeps spawning Point is the site to be created the...
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    Creed - Higher

    ZRQ8LC2XIZQ When dreaming, I'm guided to another world time and time again at sunrise, I fight to stay asleep, cause I don’t wanna leave the comfort of this place cause there’s a hunger longin to escape from the life I live when I'm awake Chorus: So lets go there Lets make our escape C’mon...
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    System Easy Quest Making System

    0 comments?... Well, i like the system although is very simple. You has explicated all steps very well. Congratulations. +rep for the work who you has put in this.
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    Icon Celestial Blade

    Thanks you, any other comments?
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    Your Favorite Genre?

    Hey, everyone has their likes.
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    Icon Celestial Blade

    Thanks :) Photoshop, but CS2, i don't like the versions CS3 onwards. Ok, in a few minutes i'll agree the auto-cast version xD. Edit: Added auto-cast version
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    Unit dies, you lose.

    Because i'm argentinian, and i'm good in english but not much xD. I'm glad you've resolved the problem
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    :O Why?? did not know
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    Use ButtonManager, this is a excelent tool for add the typical border for any image of size 64x64. In the GIMP, only save the images in that size (64x64) in png(recommended) and open with that program.
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    Icon Celestial Blade

    I'll taken into account, thanks :) and added the passive buttons to the first post.
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    Tutorial Voting with Dialog Boxes - GUI

    November 24th, 2007 07:15 PM See the time :D