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    Dummy caster not casting blizzard

    Basically I have a spell which is creating a dummy caster that's supposed to cast Blizzard (The default one from Archmage that is untouched). To debug the spell, I've went as far as creating a periodic timer to continuously cast the spell along with printing out a debug message of the casted...
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    Anti-Maphack script

    Is there a good, working anti-maphack script out there?
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    Dynamically allocating array size

    Is it possible to dynamically allocate the size of an array at runtime in vJass?
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    Unholy Frenzy on magic immune unit

    Can I make the spell a hero ability, set the requirement level to 6 then give it to the unit as a default ability or do I have to include it as a hero ability on the unit in which I have to make the dummy caster a hero as well? The latter option would be very undesirable as it would create a...
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    Unholy Frenzy on magic immune unit

    Title does justice. How do you make a spell (Unholy Frenzy) work on a unit that's magic immune by passive ability or even from an item?
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    Unit Collision Size question

    The link that you gave me, to my best knowledge, is only applicable to the cases where you can define a pathing map, which only works on building (Hence, I stressed that this is for a unit not a building). Edit: Never mind, I found the solution myself. Thanks.
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    Unit Collision Size question

    I have a unit (Note: Not a building) that is using tentacle (from forgotten one) as a model. I set the collision size from 30 to 100 but the collision is not working at all. Is there another setting on the object editor I have to mess around with? Or is the collision thing also dependent on...
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    Difference between GetUnitMoveSpeed and GetUnitDefaultMoveSpeed?

    Title does justice. What's the difference between the above two functions?
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    Vanilla Impale question

    Hmm.. ok so no way to remove the invul from the impale.. I guess I will have to make a custom spell for it then.. ty
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    Vanilla Impale question

    How do you make the spell impale so that it is... Non-Unit Targetable (Can only target locations) Does not make the impaled targets invulnerable while they are in air Or are those something that I'd have to make a custom triggered version of impale for?
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    Most efficient way to create a blacklist filter?

    I really feel like there should be an age restriction on making any sort of replies on this board. Thanks for the response.
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    Checking for Spoof

    I played a map today where the map prompts that I am spoofing (Which I actually was at the time) and displayed that I was not eligible for achievements. How do you check if the players are spoofing in a map??
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    Most efficient way to create a blacklist filter?

    ok.. so I need to make a type of filter which blacklists certain units and this is how i did it so far: globals //Blacklisted Units private constant integer BL_UNIT_1 = 'h047' //Dummy private constant integer BL_UNIT_2 = 'h04I' //Dummytarget private constant integer...
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    Way to check if autocast is on a spell?

    Is there a way to check if autocast is on/off on a particular ability via trigger?
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    Decay Speed of Units

    Is there a way to adjust the corpse decay speed of certain units?
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    Double Free Error: What is this exactly?

    When I run my map with debug mode on, occasionally some of my spells give me a Double Free warning. What does this mean exactly?
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    Cinematic Filter problem

    wow I'm so dumb I fixed the problem by enabling User UI back. -_- ty anyways
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    Cinematic Filter problem

    If I coded the above function in GUI equivalent, I'd have the same problem. I should just delete the JASS code above to avoid people being misled then. No, the effect doesn't have anything to do with the problem. I still get the same problem even if I comment that line out. The healthbar I am...
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    Cinematic Filter problem

    I made a cinematic filter which Fades Out/In a black mask to simulate a "blind" effect for the player affected by the spell. After the black mask disappears, the health bars on all units are gone. To be exact, they get misplaced to the bottom-left of the screen. Why does this happen? Anyway to...
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    Way to get attack speed?

    There's no way to numerically display the attack speed of the unit, is there? such as for GetUnitMoveSpeed native for movement speed?