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  1. Nyph

    Environment Axolotl feared extinct in the wild

    Pretty sure you can't find mudkips in the wild in any pokemon game. The story holds.
  2. Nyph

    Sci/Tech Bitcoin me: How to make your own digital currency

    How to get rich with cryptocurrency: Step 1. Create your own cryptocurrency. Step 2. Make it public after you have mined heaps of it. Step 3. Sell all of your premined currency for real dollars.
  3. Nyph

    World China discovers that pollution makes it really hard to spy on people

    I hear that you are lucky if you can see more than a foot in front of you.
  4. Nyph

    World Peru: Dolphins Chopped Up, Skinned Alive to Use as Shark Bait for Asian Delicacy

    Eh, I thought pigs and cattle and the like were slaughtered mostly humanely, because tense muscles make for lower quality meat. So the title lies, they aren't skinned alive, they're skinned dead.
  5. Nyph

    World India: Wife posts wedding pics on Facebook, engineer hangs himself

    Well if a janator hung himself it would hardly be news, would it?
  6. Nyph

    Report Police raid 'Britain's first 3D gun factory'

    You know, you can make a lethal spud gun out of a couple pieces of piping and a barbeque ignitor. If your really ballsy you can make it way scarier by adding a easy to make high explosive like tatp to the projectile. Then you have a cannon that fires high explosive rounds for less than $50 of...
  7. Nyph

    Report Math, Science Popular Until Students Realize They’re Hard

    Surely 12 year old research isn't news? Especially in a subject like this which is likely to change significantly over time.
  8. Nyph

    where are the easy girls?

    All 72 virgins.
  9. Nyph

    Report Police raid 'Britain's first 3D gun factory'

    Aren't guns useless for killing people anyway?
  10. Nyph

    US News 5-year-old Texas boy accidentally kills himself with napping babysitter's gun

    Ok, rock > assault rifle for killing. Gotcha.
  11. Nyph

    US News 5-year-old Texas boy accidentally kills himself with napping babysitter's gun

    Lol? Why are they used so much by the military then? Why don't we send soldiers into combat with just a bunch of knives or axes?
  12. Nyph

    Sci/Tech Scientists find gold growing in trees in Australia

    Theres about 25kg of gold in every cubic kilometre of seawater( and theres 1.5 billion cubic kilometres of ocean). Gold isn't too rare, and when they talk about it in ppb, it seems kinda a waste of time.
  13. Nyph

    Health Eat butter not low-fat spreads, says heart specialist

    Bleh, nutrition advice. Always varies so much depending on who gives it. Theres big problems with trying to work out what foods have what kinds of effects on people, and the statistics are extremely messy to deal with. Tbh, just eat what you want, make sure its at least somewhat varied, and get...
  14. Nyph

    Sci/Tech Now there's a bright idea! Chinese scientists invent world's first wifi-emitting lightbulb

    Standard wifi frequencies also have susceptibility to interference, I wouldn't think there would be a problem there. But yeah, I'd imagine there would be huge problems with the properties of light, like you mentioned not being able to go through/around obstacles.
  15. Nyph

    Sci/Tech Air Pollution Is a Leading Cause of Cancer

    Where does the air in your house come from?
  16. Nyph

    Crime Gang Of 9 Teen Boys Cheer While Brutally Beating 15-Year-Old Girl

    Yeah, and then we can throw them in front of traffic and watch each of them get run over. Good fun to be had for all.
  17. Nyph

    US News Sorry Sucker - you are dead and going to have to stay that way

    Yeah and dead people don't get charged for any crimes...
  18. Nyph

    Crime Dubai: Asian girl dies during abortion by plumber

    The female anatomy can be approximated as a system of pipes, right? Also: I guess the word "woman" isn't used anymore huh.