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  1. jonas

    Gaming ‘Diablo IV’ review: A mechanically perfect romp through a shallow world

    Pretty much all Blizzard games since a while imho
  2. jonas

    World Austrian train plays Hitler speech over loudspeaker

    That's hilarious, did they find the reason? (can't access BBC from china, only fox news :D)
  3. jonas

    Gaming Nintendo History Site 'Forest Of Illusion' Announces Its Closure

    Why not provide the data to volunteers?
  4. jonas

    Technology Microsoft is busy rewriting core Windows code in memory-safe Rust

    Cool! I still remember a couple of years ago when I told people that Rust has a very good chance to become a new big player among programming languages, and they said "nah, Rust is born dead". Now Rust is in LK, in Windows, in Firefox, and many other products.
  5. jonas

    US News Colorado enacts nation’s first ‘right to repair’ law, allows farmers to fix own equipment

    Sounds pretty awesome. Hope it works out for them!
  6. jonas

    Technology Microsoft set to change the Print Screen button so it opens the Snipping Tool in Windows 11

    I've been using the print screen button for snipping since years. It's just a toggle and one of the first things I change on every windows systems. But how about instead of changing this they first fix their fucking broken and inhuman save system in office? The time I've lost due to Office...
  7. jonas

    Technology Famed Japanese Toy Company, Good Smile, Has Reportedly Propped Up 4chan for Years

    I think buying a non-profitable company for personal reasons is still a form of embezzling
  8. jonas

    World El Salvador's Bitcoin Boom: How the World's First Crypto Nation's Big Bet Is Stabilizing Its Economy, Proving Critics Wrong, and Paying Back Its Debt

    I see, I was somehow looking at news from around march 28 when the article is dated, and missed that they said the tweet is from January
  9. jonas

    Technology Famed Japanese Toy Company, Good Smile, Has Reportedly Propped Up 4chan for Years

    I get that he put his own money into a political cause he believes in, but company money? Isn't that a form of embezzlement?
  10. jonas

    Technology Lab-grown chicken is one step closer to being sold in the US

    Animals die no matter what we do, it's just a question of how many and how intentional. The energy for the lab and nutrients for the cells must also come from somewhere. Coal, concrete, mining, plants, etc. All of that has some environmental impact. All we can do is minimize our impact as...
  11. jonas

    Technology Lab-grown chicken is one step closer to being sold in the US

    Cool. I wonder what will happen with the fake meat and conventional meat industries as this happens.
  12. jonas

    Sci/Tech Experimental concrete that patches up cracks by itself is to undergo outdoor testing.

    I was just going to say the same thing. I guess they either don't work well in real conditions, are too expensive, or would harm a huge industry.
  13. jonas

    Politics US: Child marriage ban bill defeated in West Virginia House

    There are a actually few Republican-run communities that are still defending laws that allow men to marry little girls. Some of them do have minimum age requirements but the limits are suprisingly low.
  14. jonas

    Gaming ‘No one comes in anymore’: GameStop manager shares what working at the store is like, says company has started layoffs

    I bought starcraft II at gamestop in 2010, + 3 "free" games from their "nobody wants these games" bin. Still haven't played 2 of those... Only time I ever shopped at gamestop
  15. jonas

    Crime Father: 14-year-old daughter took own life after videos posted of her getting beat up in N.J. school

    " Bullies are made, not born, and it happens at an early age; if the normal aggression of 2-year-olds is not handled with consistency, children fail to acquire internal restraints against such behavior " Parents and schools really need to...
  16. jonas

    World Afghanistan: ‘I sometimes miss the jihad life’: Taliban fighters who moved to Kabul are ‘bored’ and fed up with traffic

    That's what you get after your salary doesn't get paid anymore by drug money, chechnya, and our Saudi/UAE "allies"
  17. jonas

    Gaming ‘I cried all night’: Millions of Chinese lose access to ‘World of Warcraft’ and other hit games

    They'll open it up again after they find a new joint venture company in China