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  1. overload119

    StarCraft II Galaxy Editor Overview [VIDEO]
  2. overload119

    Cooldown For Unit Ability function

    I'm trying to find out what the fields for this ability mean, or maybe I'm using the wrong function. I want to be able to get the current cooldown of an ability on a unit. This function takes a String for some reason, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to put in that field. Anyone know?
  3. overload119

    How do you call your custom function?

    I made a library. The library has a custom function called Create Bar. How do I access it in my main map's triggers?
  4. overload119

    I need a Save/Load System

    Where should I go for one? I did a search and found a lot.. Kode's looks good but I want a modern one that works with 1.24+
  5. overload119

    Best Dummy Spell For Projectile?

    I need a dummy spell for an ability that shoots shit. I was using Stormbolt, but it stuns which is no good. (even when set at 0.01 there is a brief pause) Right now I'm using Deathcoil, but I don't like how the effect is hardcoded. Another good dummy spell to use that deals damage and...
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    Map Crashing Due To This Spell.

    scope Cleave initializer Init private struct data unit target = null unit caster = null group knockGroup = null real v = 0. real angle = 0. endstruct globals private boolexpr filter = null private data tempData...
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    Help Optimize My Spell?

    This spell: Is supposed to increase a custom stat by a certain amount. The thing I want to be careful about is that, even when it is used, the user can add/remove that custom stat. I want to be careful that it doesn't mess with the spell's ability to temporaility increase the stat by 200%...
  8. overload119

    Journeys in Map Debugging.

    I made this post originally on WC3C, but I'm starting to this this forum is a lot more helpful. Spell code: function PolarProjectionX takes real x, real dist, real angle returns real return x + dist * Cos(angle) endfunction function PolarProjectionY takes real y, real dist, real...
  9. overload119

    Dummy Units Not Casting

    function Trig_Carrion_Swarm_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return GetSpellAbilityId() == 'A00I' endfunction function Trig_Carrion_Swarm_Actions takes nothing returns nothing local unit u = GetTriggerUnit() local location l = GetSpellTargetLoc() local unit d =...