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  1. Darkchaoself

    Buying a laptop

    tl;dr: new laptop, which of 3 below is best for gaming Well my sister is buying my current desktop from me, so using the money I'm buying a laptop. I'll be using the laptop for some gaming, however the games wouldn't be that intensive (WoW, LoL, CoD, Mercs 2, Bioshock), as well as schoolwork...
  2. Darkchaoself

    BSOD, slow computer

    I recently have gotten the BSOD for the first time ever while playing Wc3, i booted up a program ive been using for months/years and upon doing so, got the BSOD for about 3 seconds, before my computer restarted, so no i couldn;t read it in time. Afterwards, my computer is now VERY slow on...
  3. Darkchaoself

    Dvd-r to computer; cant get files?

    So me and my friends recorded some videos for a school project due tomorrow on a dvd-r disk. I'm now trying to rip the files onto my computer to put them into movie maker to, well, put them together. The problem is, nothing is able to rip them; and i also believe one of the scenes is...
  4. Darkchaoself

    Verizon Wireless Warranty

    So i've had my new LG Voyager for about 2 weeks now, when i get out of my dads truck, and it falls out of my PJs pokcet, hitting the concrete. The battery goes flying, and there are now some chips in the phones top area, and where the send button is. Along with that, as i turned my phone back...
  5. Darkchaoself

    Unit's model as a spell and attacking replaced with spell

    2 questions guys. First off, you are able to set a unit's model as a spell, or buff, yesyes. But, when set as a spell or buff, most of the time it runs through the animation loop, such as if you set it to the starfall buff, it shows the star falling, then it waits a few seconds, and the star...
  6. Darkchaoself

    Computer to Phone (Rumor) ringtones via SD card

    Well, i have disabled internet on my phone, so i cant get ring tones that way. So i do it through an SD card. I DL it to the computer, an I get the ringtone on my phone, but it ends up in media player, unable to be used as a tone. So how do i get it usable on my phone without internet...
  7. Darkchaoself

    Ghost mouse (For vista)

    Not sure to post in General Tech, or General Discussion, most likeyl here. So, i was looking for something like Ghost mouse, i.e- You can record movements you do with the mouse, then run the program and it will do the same thing on screen (Clicks and all), exactly how you did it, either a set...
  8. Darkchaoself

    Patch 3.0

    Well, tomorrow is when patch 3.0 is launched, and the end of season 4. Anyone else excited for new talent trees? Or is anyone disappointed at this, and/or quitting WoW. Spirit Wolves ftw :P I personally like the new talents, will make leveling a hell of a lot easier. Plus inscription will...
  9. Darkchaoself

    Custom coloring a wig?

    Well, for Halloween, i wanted to be Mick Thompson. But, unfortunatley, my mom, always having to be in charge (I know parents are supposed to) and always be right, told me to wait until October to get it, when i wanted to get it in September, when it was $30, since i knew it would go up closer to...
  10. Darkchaoself

    1 Team ffa

    So, i know this has been done I've done it myself How do you make a maps forces allow it to only have 1 team, as in there wont be more than 1 of the yellow texts saying "Team 1" "Team 2" etc. I had this in a map of mine, and it worked, but now when i try, it says theres only 1 team and...
  11. Darkchaoself

    Laptop volume panel keeps popping up, and maximizing volumr

    So, I got This laptop, and if i even dare touch the touche volume controls, it instnantly turns it all the way up, and continually does the same until i shut the computer down. I could seriously go into volume, and turn it down, and it goes right back up. Also, the black rectangle in the...
  12. Darkchaoself

    Text to speech prank caller

    Ok, not sure if this is supported, but does anyone know of a text-to-speech prank caller that actually works?
  13. Darkchaoself

    Help finding a spell

    Well im sure i've seen it before, but does somewhere know where i can find a multi-unit life drain? Like you cast it with an AoE targeter, and it life drains all the units in the AoE, or a certain amount of them. Thanks
  14. Darkchaoself

    Warrior regen...

    Well i was looking at my 38 shammy compared to a friends 3 warrior. I thought warriors had better stats so i was comparing them, and i saw that my 102 spirit got me 12 hp/sec regen, while the warrior had 42 spirit, but somehow had 24 hp/sec regen. This makes no sense to me, since i have...
  15. Darkchaoself

    Looking to buy a laptop

    Well im getting a laptop from my parents' So, i need -A good laptop for gaming -Fast -Good wireless internetz access -Good for multitasking -Good sized screen -Good battery life -Will be able to last me for about 4 years -Able to work with my graphics card, which i think it the Nvida...
  16. Darkchaoself


    Well, everyday for hours i search for a group to do gnomer, since my highest/main, 27 draenei shammy has 4 quests there. I've gotten a group ONCE, and halfway through, half of the group was gone. Now, I was just got my second group finally, a miracle, after 4 people left and we got more. But...
  17. Darkchaoself

    The Count and Pokemon Censored

    2 Videos, each one has a certain word or parts censored. Hilarious. Nothing is even needed to be censored, but the noise is put in. Just watch it :P The count censored Pokemon Censored
  18. Darkchaoself

    Yu-gi-oh the Abriged Series!

    This has to be the best series and videos i have seen in forever ;) This is the most freakin hilarious thing since Mario Bros Frustration - and funnier! WATCH THIS. It is the best waste of time. Better than Not wasting time! Its that good! Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4...
  19. Darkchaoself

    Feels weird to type?

    Well i just got back from my vacation in Florida for 10 days, and i come back to the computer and i find it strangely harder to type, and it has a weird feeling. I think its because i was away from the computer for awhile, and i just got a new phone with a keyboard and texted a lot. I now...
  20. Darkchaoself

    Diablo Avatar

    I would like a nice Diablo Avatar, consisting of Diablo, either his head, or whole body, with a background such as red or orange red, but so you can still see Diablo. Like diablo from this image (except red) or if someone could render from the middle of his chest up, and get none of the BG or...