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    System Precise Damage Counter

    If the units are healed and one unit deals all the damage, shouldn't that unit have 100%?
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    Iconpack Gauntlets

    How about now?
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    Iconpack Gauntlets

    Sort of like that?
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    Iconpack Gauntlets

    So I needed icons for some of my items in my map and I decided to make them I think they turned out surprisingly well, actually. Just a simple recolor and clean up. Icons are based off of Blizzard's 'Advanced Unholy Strength' icon. Both the BTN and DISBTN's are included in this pack. File...
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    Spellpack The Dark Lady

    mapguy, the user can change the abilities in the end so it doesnt matter if its overpowered in the testmap.
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    Spell Energy Field

    Isn't keg also easy?
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    A "Swap" system, needed ? (From a command in "DotA" ;))

    This seems really useful, though I think you should have a constant to see if you want items to switch over, and also a constant if you want the heroes to unlearn all their abilities.
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    Spell TimeWarp (with Videos)

    This system (well, at least when I used the All-time template) stops working for heroes that revive. EDIT: Nevermind, its just the All-time template.
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    Tutorial Z-Factor and Proper Late Game Balance of Power

    Wow, I actually never really paid much attention to the 'Snowballing and Z-factor' before reading this tutorial. I just thought that it was natural, but you proved me otherwise. +Rep
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    System stringPlayer

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the order of these two lines be switched around? set playerNamesColored[i] = playerColorStr[i] + playerNames[i] + CLR_END set playerColorStr[i] = tempPlayerColorStr[GetHandleId(playerColor[i])] EDIT: Tested. It won't work unless you switch them around.
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    System BuffStruct

    ...when are UnitStruct, UpgradeStruct, and DestructibleStruct coming?
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    Removing and Adding Ability Problem.

    Did you make sure you retrieved the struct data in the second trigger correctly?
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    Spell Electric Shield

    I don't really get what you mean by the first part of your post. Move everything that you quoted from my code into the '//stuffs here' comment and call the function in the periodic trigger or do you mean something else?
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    Spell Electric Shield

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    Spell Electric Shield

    Any feedback on the actual spell?
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    Spell Electric Shield

    Ah, forgot to update that. There WAS a known bug, but it was fixed. I'll update this soon and remove all the "this.variable" stuff. EDIT: Updated. All the "this." were removed and I also added a configuration option where you could not do the damage by trigger, but instead have a dummy cast a...
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    Spell Electric Shield

    The bug happens when you cast it multiple times with the same unit. Apparently the first cast kills the dummy units on the next casts when it ends. I don't know the cause of this bug right now though. EDIT: Fixed. In the loop where I destroy the orbs I forgot to end the loop. Uploading the new...
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    Maximum Mana?

    You can set the values to negative.
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    Spell Electric Shield

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Spell Electric Shield

    Electric Shield I made a spell about three years ago called Shock Shield, which was coded in GUI. This is an attempt to replace it. (Plus it's my first spell submission thats in vJASS) The caster concentrates his energy into the form of orbs that circle around him for a duration. If an orb...