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    Iconpack Gauntlets

    So I needed icons for some of my items in my map and I decided to make them I think they turned out surprisingly well, actually. Just a simple recolor and clean up. Icons are based off of Blizzard's 'Advanced Unholy Strength' icon. Both the BTN and DISBTN's are included in this pack. File...
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    Spell Electric Shield

    Electric Shield I made a spell about three years ago called Shock Shield, which was coded in GUI. This is an attempt to replace it. (Plus it's my first spell submission thats in vJASS) The caster concentrates his energy into the form of orbs that circle around him for a duration. If an orb...
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    Other Power Ball

    Known Bugs: -Earth Spirit's Toss will stop working after a while Background Information: Power Ball is a 10-player game where each player chooses 1 out of 9 units for the entire game. The game duration depends on which mode Player 1 chooses and how many points/how long the game lasts...
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    Time Lapse Script not properly working.

    EDIT: NEVERMIND. GOT IT TO WORK. (I'm really stupid rofl) I Changed this: to this:
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    Tag Script not properly rescuing.

    For some reason, the part where it rescues (TraditionalActions) doesnt work. Can anyone tell me why that happens? Runner is a variable from a different trigger.
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    Detecting Autocast Setting?

    How do you detect when an ability is set on autocast (Not when an ability is used during the autocast)? +rep in the future. EDIT: Nevermind, I believe I found out how.
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    Phase Shift Problem

    K, so i got phase shift to make the user invulnerable while using phase shift, but for some reason phase shift does NOT activate when attacked. +Rep to anyone that helps.
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    Script Doesnt Work

    library Tag globals private group Tagged private trigger TagT private constant integer TaggerId = 'Udre' private constant integer ShadowId = 'u000' private constant string Message = "The Tagger has won! All the shadows have...
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    Attack Range Question

    Is it possible to change the attack range of a unit by using Barrage? (make the unit have like 0 attack range and make it have barrage) If not, is there even a POSSIBLE way of changing it? (Without the sniper upgrade or upgrades in general.) +rep to the helper.
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    Loops don't work.

    For some reason the loops don't work in my spell. PS: It's not complete. I was just testing it to see if it worked, but the loops didn't work. +rep to whoever helps.
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    Effect Visible Only to Allies?

    How do you make effects invisible to enemies, but visible to allies? +rep to the one who answers.
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    Library Not Working?

    Whenever I try to save the vJASS library interrupts it. Error: Not a valid Library Declaration[,]?
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    Detecting Player Order Movement?

    Is there a way to see if a player is ordering a unit to move, but not detect a trigger ordering the unit? +rep to anyone who helps :thup:
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    Heat Seeking Missles; Not Working

    Okay, heres the spell: The tinker shoots out a missle that will go towards the target point. If the missle goes within range of a unit, or multiple units, it will choose the unit with the most health and chase after it. It will deal damage depending on level when it hits a enemy unit. Theres...
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    Shaman Skin Path?

    Sorry, first time i ever made a skin, but whats the skin path for Shaman? +rep to the person that helps me out ;)
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    vJASS Spell Doesn't Work

    Heres a spell that is like Tinki's GUI Time Stop, but its in vJASS and actually makes a effect at the enemy units inside the AoE. Time Stop - Freezes the passage of time for enemy units inside a AoE, causing them to be unable to move. The problem is, it doesnt work. The AbilId is correct and...
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    A simple question

    Does windwalk stop if you remove it's buff? Just wondering :P
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    Dawn of Corruption

    Im creating a AoS called Dawn of Corruption :) It's sorta like DotA except its from upper right (Sentinal) to lower left (Scourge) Heres the forums. Not much to say, just that I need ideas :(
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    Struct Unit Transfer?

    What would be the best way to transfer units through structs if your using ABC because ABC doesnt transfer units.
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    Realistic Bouncing

    I need a trigger to make units (sliding units) bounce off walls (change angles). What kind of equation do I use to make it so that in my map, where the killer units slide, They change angles fitting a bounce. I use a sliding trigger to move them, i just need them to change angles and I'm so...