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  1. Husky

    Americans are NOT stupid The person who did the subtitles is just as stupid. I honestly want to know how many of those you guys actually knew, and didn't. Be honest. The map thing was fucking funny. Be honest, if you didn't know most of the questions he asked, let us know...
  2. Husky

    Husky's Gallery

    By the way the "vctm" is my name on a different forum I use/post these on. I usually do anywhere from 1-5 a week, so will update regularly. If you have any stock images you think that would make a good signature, pm me with the stock image (prefer that it is already rendered out first). No...
  3. Husky

    Signature Diddy!

    Another piece, will probably start a gallery of them after a couple more pieces.
  4. Husky

    Signature Duff Man

    Not really Duff Man :P. The hotter, woman version.
  5. Husky

    Signature Torment

    Made for a CS:Source clan. Clan name text was done in Cinema 4D.
  6. Husky

    Post Your Character/Armory!

    We've had a couple of threads like this but I thought with WotLK out, we could start a new one. You never know you might find someone in the same battlegroup or server as you :). Feel free to add a cropped screen shot of your character if you wish. I'll start: Name: Rames Server...
  7. Husky

    Signature Zamus

    Sig I did of Zero Suit Samus for some Smash Bros. Brawl forums. I don't like it that much, will probably do another later on. The forum version, would also be smaller btw.
  8. Husky

    Back to Mac

    With my recent streak of using XP for years and years, I recently refamiliarised myself with the awesomeness of Mac OS X (10.5.5 aka Leopard to be specific). Currently, I really think Mac as the OS of choice for everybody except heavy gamers. My list of positives/negatives. Positives: You can...
  9. Husky

    For the Tech Guys

  10. Husky

    Item that casts offensive spell on enemy unit.

    Is it possible to; Player has "item X" When player uses "item X" they can target a unit and then "throw item X". For example; the player crafts a spear and then it is added to his inventory. He can then use the spear he has just crafted and throw it at enemy units. Bonus: Once the...
  11. Husky

    Question: Animated Avatars without ImageReady.

    I used to make animated, gif avatars back in the day. I used ImageReady to do this back then but in CS3 Adobe cut ImageReady. Is there an alternative to use now?
  12. Husky

    Hero has items in slots, create new item.

    I haven't mapped in years and I was playing around with the editor a bit for the first time, so bear with me. What I want is; "If a unit has item X in slot 1, and item Y in slot 2 and then USES item X (in slot 1) it adds item Z to the hero's inventory" Events Unit - A unit Uses an...
  13. Husky

    US News New Orleans Evacuated due to "Mother of all Storms"

    NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin ordered the city's more than 239,000 residents to evacuate on Sunday in the face of powerful Hurricane Gustav, which he called "the mother of all storms." The evacuation order issued on Saturday was the first in New Orleans since Hurricane...
  14. Husky

    5 Minute Cake! Tried it myself, works great! Although i'd add more cocoa (I used drinking chocolate instead) next time round. If it fails for you: It'll come out different for different microwaves (I did 4mins in ours, where it says 3mins on page)...
  15. Husky

    Warhammer Online - First Impressions

    Warhammer Online First Impressions So just over a week ago I got my invite to Beta. I was excited until I had to download the 9.3GB then 800MB's of patches. But hey with that all out of the way, I finally got to playing about 4 days after the e-mail. I will not go into huge amounts of detail...
  16. Husky

    So I got into WAR Beta...

    Which is great except for the shitty torrent file you have to download which is 9.33GB. Yeap, a 10GB Beta download! Once I get it downloaded in a few days I will you guys know all about it (well as much as I can/am allowed to)! So far: 17%, 1.6GB downloaded :(. I haven't seen the download...
  17. Husky

    Cats or Dogs?

    Well I saw the discussion in the other thread, but didn't want to derail it too much, so started this one. So, what do you prefer, cats or dogs? My opinion: Dogs: Dogs tend to be more interactive, more fun to play with. Vastly more trainable than cats. As they are not as independent/selfish...
  18. Husky

    Toothpaste gives you brain damage O SHI- (EDIT: Fixed title)
  19. Husky

    These Videos will convert any Atheist

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  20. Husky

    Husky's Drawing(s)

    Just did this this evening, and yeah it's only one drawing but I will probably do more. So that's the reason I created this thread. ------ The Original is the best of this drawing by far (it is pencil shaded and in a lot more detail - and looks a helluva lot less cartoonish than the...