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    Starcraft II WoL Campaign - Thoughts?

    Personally, I thought it was awesome, fun, and a decent story, bugged me at points though. The few plot holes are what make the game slightly worse than SC1 story wise. I felt some parts were only added to look pretty. (SC2 on Ultra is stunning) Like, Tychus. What did you think of it?
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    Indiana Jones was going to be a pedophile
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    Star Wars Bohemian Rhapsody (I couldn't get the embedding to work) I'll never get over the death of Freddie Mercury.
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    Old Website

    I'm pretty sure this is the correct board for this, if not, I do apologize. Is there a way to make the format back to the old one? The one I've been used to since I first joined this site when I was really young?
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    Youtube "Pro" Announced

    It's quite cheap, actually, I plan on getting it.
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    Anyone play American Colonization?

    It's one of those Custom Games, it's pretty fun, very long though, and, anyone else play it?
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    What are some of the best laptop brands?

    What would you recommend? I've been trying to figure out what brands I should be looking at.
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    The Sunwell Trilogy

    I hate to say it, but, I read the first book, I was disappointed. -Blue dragons that turn to elves? wtf? -The plot is generic -Other than for the intro and the use of names like "Sunwell", "Kel'Thuzad", "Arthas", etc. What does this have to deal with Warcraft?
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    The influence of music

    What is the influence of music to people? Can it really make one more likely to be suicidal/murderous/etc.? Can the lyrics really affect you in the long-term? I, personally, don't think a song can have much effect on you in the long-term. Thoughts? EDIT: Let me clarify, I was referring to long...
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    What's your Xbox Live Gamertag/Playstation Handle?

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    Game Reviewers need!

    A weekly recommendation. So far: Me, Sebbeh of See: Star64: Reccomendations of the week #1 For the following platforms: -Wii -Xbox 360 -PS3 -DS -PC -Windows -Mac -Linux -Indie games(Not necessarily XBLIG, just random games made by Indie Studios) -Mobile (Yes, I know this is a big...
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    Modern Sparta

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    Divert Your Course

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    I changed my avatar for the first time in 3 years or so.

    I know how some of y'all recognize people by their avie, just wanted to make sure y'all knew. EDIT: BTW, I've been around for longre than most of y'all. PWND!
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    What's stuck in your head right now?

    Currently, for me, it's AC/DC - "Decibel".
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    Your thoughts? If there is no law, people will want power, Dictators would rise. Look at ghettos for example, where tends to be less to no law, people try to take over, violence would rise. I've been trying to google the reasons supporting Anarchy, they're hard to find.
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    Terrible Save Systems

    Have you played a game with a really bad save system? Has it affected how often you played it? How did it affect your play habits? One game would be Deadrising 1 for the 360. The save system was checkpoint based, you had to actively seek checkpoints which were difficult to reach and find...
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    My Video Game Blog "Star 64" Suggestions? My e-mail:
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    Asking for tech help? Read this please.

    If you are asking for Technical Support, I often see where people ask a question but leave out important details. •Tell us your OS and if it is a possible security issue, tell us your Service Pack! •What happened before you got this problem? This is a biggie. I got a virus! What were you doing...